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Absence and Vacation Schedule template how to's?


i've just installed some templates for my wss3 sites.

i'ce chosen the absence and vacation schedule template.

is there a blog or link that explains how to use this template? i know it is for scheduling absence and vacation days. but i want to know how i can set it ready for the employees to use, and how i can explain them how to use it.



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Answer 2

i have allready install it, i just want to know how to use it

Answer 3


Now you have installed  the template. Then you can select the template  you like when you create a new web site.

The instruction in the following article describe how to use templates  in detail.



Answer 4

Have a look at this document http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/a/7/3a7f038c-ed43-42fb-baf4-652ea86a7744/TDM_AbsenceRequest.doc which describes the site template  in more detail.

Hope this helps



Answer 5

Thnx Dave, that was what i needed



I am using template "Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management" for leave management. I need to add extra field which will keep track of how many leaves are available for particular user. So when user applies for 2 days leave, it should reduce 2 days from available leaves.

I have recently installed and set up the absence request and vacation management template in SharePoint Services 3.0 and all seems to be going reasonably well apart from one hitch.

I have edited the setup workflow so that manager is sent an email on request, employee is sent an email on approval/rejection and payroll are sent an email on approval for their records. However, even though the Personal Vacation option in the Absence Type list is set to Yes for Approval Required, the workflow is automatically sending out the email to say their annual leave has been approved as soon as they request it.

Has anyone come across this before or know where I may be going wrong?

Thanks for any help you can give.




does any1 know if there is a webpart that can calculate an employee's vacation days. and when the employee request some vacation days it show the days that are left.

or is there a tutorial to create such a webpart?



I would like to turn on Out of Office Assistant, when I schedule a vacation event in calendar.

Here is the solution in my mind:

Create an Outlook Add-in Add a form region to appointment form with a checkbox: Automatically turn on Out Of office Assistant Code will check if the action email template is created  Depending on the start time and end time of the event/appointment, turn on and off the Out of Office Assistant at the right time probably this solution assume the client outlook is running?

Or is it better to program against the Exchange server to do this?

check all accounts check all calendar events if whole day off and status set to out of office, turn on Out Of Office Assistant or do similar things if end time of the event, turn off it.



I use the template "Absence and Vancation" from Microsoft and I am using wss

The Item created by user A and then Then User B approve it. but in the workflow is saw the modified by User A, but In the item version history the last modified by is User B.

Is the workflow get the modified by before updating the list and it get user A or is it the bug?

I'm looking for a 'mature'  standard template for SharePoint wss 3.0 for registration and administration of Absence requests for a company with 400 employees. Desired functionality: Absence request by a employee. confirm by manager, email confirms, Outlook agenda update, create list-items for HRM, emloyee can query vacation days to go. The standard SharePoint template 'AbsenseRequestVacationSchedule' offers too small functionality. Which vendors should I consult to find this?


i've installed the absence vacation schedule template on moss 2007, created a leave balances list in order to track leave days remaining.....created a workflow in SPD 2007 and associated it to the leave balances list......the logic is when status of leave request(absence request) is approved, deduct leave days balance add leave days taken(end date-start date) store in variable calc 1 then update leave balance column........ when i run the request and its approved the calculation doesent happen.,.......... kindly help


I am using the Absence/Vacation Calendar template on a top level site. The template has to be created through "Site and Workspaces." The calendar produced by people posting their Vacation needs to be used on the home site. How can I make that happen? When I try to add a web part the calendar doesn't show up in the list.

How it looks:



SUBSITE --Calendar

I need that calendar in a web part on the TOP LEVEL SITE'S home page.

Josh Henderson

i am working on Absence vacation schedule template.i want to calculate and show the number of leaves of a employee for a particular month.how can i???

Any answers... 

Hello all,


Could somebody help me and provide code example that describes how to mark outgoing UDP packets with non-default TOS value( we receive this value from server).

As I know it may be done via Traffic Control API, but we can’t use this API because it requires administrative privileges.


Thanks in advance.


I would like some pointers on making a "training manager" role for the  Employee Training and Scheduling Template. They need to be able to add and remove people that they have registered from the courses but not others. has anyone done this? If so can you provide some tips on how to get this working?


Thank you


Hi All,

I'm thinking of using the sharepoint vacation schedule on WSS 3.0. I've a couple of questions that i'd appreciate help with - Is there a way to restrict the number of days a user can take per year? For instance, say a user has 25 annual leave days per year, how would I prevent the user from submitting more then this?

Also, say there's an public holiday day in the middle of the users annual leave request, public holidays should obviously not be taken from the annual leave allowance. Does anyone know how I'd set the public holidays and then restrict them so that they're not counted as annual leave?

Any help appreciated



I'm a rather new user to project 2010, and I went from an under control project to one that I feel I've suddenly lost control over.

My project used to be 80-100 tasks with a team of 5 employees. I managed to set all predecessors and provide my employees with full time work. Now my project has entered a 2nd phase (since we've expanded our contract) and has exploded to ~500 or so tasks with 2 teams and 10 employees. I'm finding it really difficult to understand how to use project 2010 to properly schedule all my tasks and give work to everyone.

My biggest ick I have is that if I use the auto-scheduling features and spend 10-20 min going through the entire project hitting auto-schedule, eventually I do get a project that has no conflicts - but sometimes 1 task is divided up into 5-10 work items in order to fill vacant spots in peoples work schedule. (Obviously I dont want to have to tell my employees to work start working on a task, ok stop for today, then do this, ok stop for today, now do that, then this, and back to the first task)

I'm really getting discouraged, and I'd like to get some advice on how I can tackle this, and where I can find resources to help me solve my scheduling problems.

Any thoughts ?


Thanks in advance,




We are using MS Project 2007.

We have a Master schedule and than a number of sub project schedules. Most of the sub projects also have a cross link into other sub projects because of dependencies.

The Master schedule and sub project schedule do not match when the sub project lower tasks are hidden when I first open the Master schedule.

When I UNHIDE all tasks when I am in the Master than it runs through and calcultes.

Am I always going to have to run through unhiding everything so it can calculate?

I thought it had calculated all this when I placed the external links in the first time.

Just trying to get a feel for how this works




I have a report with 3 shared schedules, which are all will run in different time interval.

I want to maintain report history(snapshot) for all the shared schedules of this report.

But in report server's snapshot options we have an option to select any one of shared schedule, for which we want to maintain snapshot.

But my requirement is I have to maintain report history(snapshot) for all shared schedules. How it can be done? Kindly help.

Thanks in advance.

In an architectural office there are many projects ongoing at any one time.  We need to do labor resource planning for individual projects as well as for the overall office.  How can numerous individual project schedules be combined into one master schedule and have the Team Planner and Labor Resource functions work across all the combined schedules?  Have looked into the "Sub Project" function but this is not appropriate for distinct, unrelated projects.  I know this can work in the Milestones software but am struggling with Project 2010.  Thanks, Mike
In an architectural office there are many projects ongoing at any one time.  We need to do labor resource planning for individual projects as well as for the overall office.  How can numerous individual project schedules be combined into one master schedule and have the Team Planner and Labor Resource functions work across all the combined schedules?  Have looked into the "Sub Project" function but this is not appropriate for distinct, unrelated projects.  I know this can work in the Milestones software but am struggling with Project 2010.  Thanks, Mike
I have two Subs and call second Sub from first Sub. I hover mouse over sub name and make right-click. In the bottom "Call Hierarchy" window appears, but it's empty. Why?

Sub Sub1()
    Call Sub2()
EndSubSub Sub2()

There is no knowledge that is not power.

I have created a fixed-work task of 4 weeks.

The task start is August 1st.

I have three resources, each available at 100%:  Peter, Paul, and Curley.

For the whole month of August, Peter and Paul will be slaving away at their desks.  Curley will be drinking cocktails on the beach.


For Task-resource assignment:

If I apply only Peter OR Paul (at 100% units), then the task completes 4 weeks later at End of Month August. (as expected)

If I apply both Peter AND Paul (100%) then the task completes mid-August (as expected).

If I apply Curley only (100%), then his work starts after his vacation is over (i.e. starts Sept 1) and concludes 4 weeks later at EOM September (also as expected).


Now, if I apply Peter AND Curley to the job (100%), the project finishes mid-September (using 2 of Peter's weeks during the month of August and then waiting until Curley comes back from vacation to do the 2 weeks that he owes). 


How can I get Project to calculate duration based on the assumption that Peter is working, even while Curley is on vacation?

The result (Peter & Curley assigned) would be a task that finishes at the same time as would be calculated if only Peter were resourced.  

Thank you!







I enabled absenses and responsibiliy adoption in our team sharepoint site; The users could specify their's separately. But when viewing a single absence link, the detail page includes the responsibilty adpotion section but the information is blank ; It is not pulling/linking  the information. When viewing tje responsibilty adoption list, the information is visible there. Any help in resolving this is much appreciated -




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