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Absence and Vacation Schedule template how to's?


i've just installed some templates for my wss3 sites.

i'ce chosen the absence and vacation schedule template.

is there a blog or link that explains how to use this template? i know it is for scheduling absence and vacation days. but i want to know how i can set it ready for the employees to use, and how i can explain them how to use it.



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Answer 2

i have allready install it, i just want to know how to use it

Answer 3


Now you have installed  the template. Then you can select the template  you like when you create a new web site.

The instruction in the following article describe how to use templates  in detail.



Answer 4

Have a look at this document http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/a/7/3a7f038c-ed43-42fb-baf4-652ea86a7744/TDM_AbsenceRequest.doc which describes the site template  in more detail.

Hope this helps



Answer 5

Thnx Dave, that was what i needed




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