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How to add/remove strings from drop down button Status in task ?

Hi all,

I have noticed There is lot of different strings in drop down button . For example there "In Progress", "Not started", "deferred", etc...

I would like to simply this drop down button. It should conatin only 3 strings "Not started", "accept","refuse".

Accept and refuse would be the same as Complete. The difference will be that behind the code "Accept" would call a different url than "refuse".

How can I achieve this ?


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Answer 1

The built-in enumerations, such as those for the task  Status property, cannot be changed. 

The other solutions available depend on your Outlook version and whether you're doing this for your personal use or as part of an add-in to be distributed to others. 


Answer 2

Thanks Sue.

I am using Outlook 2007. It will be distributed to others.


Answer 3

Then you're building an add-in, right? You could, in theory, modify the ribbon to remove the existing status  control and add a new control with the rows you want and code  in the add-in to mark the item complete  etc. It would not, of course, be tied directly to the standard TaskItem.Status.

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