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ADFS 2.0 SigningCertificateRevocationCheck implementation missing at service level

The ADFS properties listed in the adfs help for set-adfsproperties specify you can override the signingcertificaterevocationcheck parameters. 

The problem is that at the ADFS level, the (Token-Signing) certificate used to sign tokens may not be able to be verified in all cases, as strange as that may sound. 

I do not find any apparent way to disable this setting.  Those parameters are not in the implementation of set-adfsproperties, the help file is out of sync. 

How can you turn off the certificate revocation / validation at the token signing level in ADFS 2.0?  Is there perhaps a config file override that will work? 
Again, this is not to be confused with any setting on a relying party, which I have already experimented with disabling (setting to "none") those settings just to be sure.


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