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I am using MVC for a reporting website for our company. I figured out that MVC doesn't support Crystal Reports but Asp.net webforms can be added to it and then there is a workout.

Please suggest me two things..

1) I have 25 Crystal reports to add to the website. Is it a good idea to add webforms and make crystal reports. If somebody can give me an example that would be great.

2) Is there a way that I can use one Report viewer and 25 Crystal reports display according to the condition?

Thanks in Advance. 


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Answer 1

1. This is a web form question, not asp.net mvc. Please next time do it in appropiate forums


Inayat Rasool:
If somebody can give me an example that would be great

If this


is not good, try



Inayat Rasool:
I can use one Report viewer and 25 Crystal reports  display according to the condition

If the 25 crystal  display same data , but with differnet condition( such a where) ,  put the condition in the data source


Answer 2

Its sounds to be a good answer. Thanks!!!Cool 


Answer 3

If needed for your project it is pefrectly possibly to combine ASP.NET MVC with ASP.NET Web Forms.



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