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Asynchronous Client Socket Example

Hi all,

Hopefully it is the right place to ask my question. Basically, there is the MSDN example of asynchronous connection: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bew39x2a.aspx

In the example a ManualResetEvent is used to control connection (WaitOne, Reset) so in my opinion the whole process is made synchronous anyway.

Q1. Am I correct? If so, is there a better example where benefit of asynchronous connection is shown?

The second part is related. During my research I have found the Half-Sync Half-Async architectural pattern: http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/PDF/HS-HA.pdf. Although there are several papers about it, but there is no mention of it in MSDN or other technical sources.

Q2. Is it because the concept is so academically oriented that it is not worth of reading, or everybody is using it and is not bothered with the name?

Thanks in advance!


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Answer 1

I'd suggest asking in the .NET Nwork Library forum. Perhaps a moderator could move this thread there?

Answer 2

Thanks for that. Just to clarify - Asynchronous Pattern is not recognised as a parallel computing?

Answer 3

It's borderline, at least!  My take is that this forum is mostly about the parallel extensions added in .NET 4, and that async socket programming has been around for a long time (since .NET 1), so you're more likely to find the right audience over there than here.

There's a former C# MVP, now a MSFT employee, who used to have a blog with a lengthy discussion of just what you're asking about.  Unfortunately, I don't think that blog post exists anymore. If I remember his name, which at the moment escapes me, I'll try to get ahold of him and see if he still has that post online somewhere.



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