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AutoComplete: iexplore.exe-Application error

The message says, "The exception unknown software exception (0xe6d7363) occurredin the application at location Ox7c812a5b".

While not completely technologically illiterate I am seriously impaired.  When thissssage appears I click either "OK" or "cancel".  The message disappears as does my internet connection--most of the time.  Sometimes I don't lose the connection.

I am using, what appears to be, a tired and worn computer.  I am teaching English in Qingdao, China and it came with the apartment.

All I know is that it uses Windows XP.  I did notice that the Microsoft Office program (i.e. Word) is a 2003 version.  The computer is incredibly slow.  I don't mean that I have time to go out for coffee when I change sites but it is slow.

Iwould be grateful for any help.  Not sure how to get ack here but if you want to respond to my e-mail it is: bluzgi@hotmail.com


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Answer 1

The message  says, "The exception  unknown software exception (0xe6d7363) occurredin the application  at location  Ox7c812a5b".

I suggest you post your question at http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/zh-CN/InternetExplorer/threads .


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