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How to avoid receive login window to access SharePoint every time

Hi all,

I need a help.

when i open the document in the document libery, I receive login window to access SharePoint evry time. How to resolve this issuse


Sanjeev Tiwari



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Answer 1

What version of office and moss?

Answer 2

its 2007


Answer 4

Actully the users who are opening these Office documents, are they on the a different domain as the server where SharePoint is installed.


Answer 5

this is in the article i just posted, on the FRONT PAGE (sigh) :

When you access  a office document  from a library as an Untrusted Client (even though your login  credentials are already authenticated by the browser session cookie) when an Office Application opens, IE does not pass authentication/trust/token to the next application to gain the same access that is already trusted with IE.  The additional log-in prompts is because the documents opened with Office 2003/2007 are trying to re-establish a trust per application, because the client machine is not trusted from a public web and a new authentication is requested.

This "by design" and you'll have at least two logon prompts in such a scenario,

1st for the browser to access the SharePoint site, 
2nd for the office application when you open  a document from a library.



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