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Can you become a certified Xbox 360 technician?


I would like to know if it is possible to become a certified Xbox technician. Is there any Xbox 360 related training, courses or certifications? Also, is it possible to become trained in doing warranty repairs or help with warranty repairs somehow?


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I fear that there are no certifications on that topic. And at the moment I am wondering what market would like to see such an certificate.

And I am not sure, that microsoft gives any information on the xbox  360 to anyone that does not have a special contract including NDAs and such stuff. And without exact deatails it is not really possible to repair a XBOX 360.

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Answer 2

Nearest you can get is the Connected Home Integrator http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exam.aspx?ID=70-625&locale=en-us

But that is more on automation, connected devices etc


(This is my first (technically second, I commented on something else) post on these forums) Alright, as a high schooler looking to get into game development after college (or possibly even nixing the college and going straight in) I was wondering if Microsoft was planning on doing anything at all with the XNA Framework that would support low budget game development.

How available will tutorials and books about the code be available?
How much money will the tools and such cost?
How easy is this code going to be to learn?
Will it be easy for people to test on PC and a (normal) Xbox 360 with this code?

I've questioned Nintendo (through their website) about whether or not they'd be supporting "Indie" development, and I was given an affirmation, but there were no actual details released. If Microsoft had similar plans via their Xbox Live Marketplace service, I'm sure there would be many developers willing to submit more content for the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Keep video files with 5.1 surround sound for Xbox 360

Have you purchased a 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker system for the Xbox 360 to enjoy your games and movies in the center of action? Currently I have considered doing it. I have loads of HD videos, which are with the extensions of .mkv, .m2ts and whatever. Most of them have embedded 5.1 channels, but the thing is that because of format issues, my console is unable to directly play these files, so I have to do format conversion before watching them. In regard to conversion, my only requirement is keeping 5.1 channels of the source file, fortunately, with Pavtube Video Converter, I did it! Very excited! Share it here.

What you will need is only Pavtube Video Converter. You can free download it here. The detailed steps are as below:

1. Click "Add" button to load video files into this program

2. Click the pull down menu of "Format" to select output format for Xbox 360

Follow "Zune/Xbox 360 Device" – "Xbox 360 HD Video (*. Wmv)". By the way, if you wanna combine multiple files into a single file so that there are no intervals while playing, you can tick the checkbox "Merge into one file" to achieve it.

3. Click "Settings" button to do advanced settings and select 5.1 channels

All the items including codec, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, sample rate and audio channels are changeable. Do remember adjust the audio as 5.1 channels. Following are my settings, which result a good playback quality on my Xbox 360 console.

4. Click "Convert" button to start conversion

Once finished, you can get the output files for your console via clicking "Open" button effortlessly.

More features of this Xbox 360 Converter I have found:

1. The converting speed of this software is 1-2 times faster than the similar converters. Batch conversion can be done in a few minutes.

2. It does not have the audio and video out of sync issues.

3. With exception of adding text as watermark, images, GIF animations, and videos can also be added as watermarks to realize the picture-in-picture effect.

4. You can use the "Trim" function to select certain video clips to convert. And you can also take advantage of the "Crop" function to remove black edges or change the screen size.

5. Special effect models are provided, such as "Simple gauss blur", "Simple laplacian sharpen", "Aged film", "Flip color", and "Invert".


It's been happening more often, after I finish watching and turns off the main console, the HD DVD still runs, the longest I wait is about 5 minutes, after that, I I had to pull the plug on it or take the disk out just for it to stop.

Another problem I've been having is when I fast forward or rewind a movie, it freezes all the time so everytime I watch, I can't rewind of fast forward coz if I do, I have to reboot and it's a big pain in the rear, it's been happening alot on my transformer movie, king kong and more. Any suggestion, I'm thinking it's a consoles problem.

I find it very frustrating that my original xbox has never needed a repair and still works fine, I have over 50 games and all the original equipment that came with it. Unlike my 360 (20 games and had to get 2 new controllers) that has had to repaired and has to be repaired again. Worse I have to pay for it. I have tried to stay loyal to the xbox brand but if I have to pony up $100 to get the 360 fixed, and it will eventually need to be fixed again, I might as well try out the PS3. You have lost a loyal customer. I have also received the ring of death on my sons 360 elite, when his goes down I will get him a PS3 also. I thank you for your time, Chris Vigue cdvigue@yahoo.com
Before all, my apologize for any my beginner.

I would like to know about the bumper buttons in XBOX 360. There 4 buttons at top of the controller, 2 for left and 2 for right. I'd like to write the code for the back one (LT / RB) but it looks like no option in Gamepad.Buttons Class. there only for 'A','B','X','Y','Right Shoulder','Left Shoulder', 'Right Stick','Left Stick','Start' and 'Back'.

I don't know really for 'Right/Left Stick' Is it for clicked in the analog control?.
and which button for 'Right/Left Shoulder' button, the front one or back one?

Thank you for any support.

One method of converting videos to Xbox 360 with 5.1 channels
Are you still frustrated at how to watch videos on Xbox 360 with 5.1 channels around? The tutorial will show you a reliable method of converting video to Xbox 360 with 5.1 channels through Moyea Video Converter.
First of all, let’s view Moyea Video Converter. This video converter is specially designed to convert among almost video/audio formats at high fast conversion and perfect output quality. ?What’s more, its advanced audio and video sync technology can prevent any audio out of video issue. Additionally, the new version of it allows users to convert video to WMV with 5.1 channels or 7.1 channels.
Preparation: Free download Moyea Video Converter here, install and run it.
Step 1: Load video files into this program
Step 2: Select output format for Xbox 360

After all video files loaded, it is allowed you to choose the proper output format compatible with your Xbox 360 as below:

Tips: If you want to take the minimum of time to select your desired video format, just click the “Customize” button to open the profile manager window and then check the video categories you need. As for those you unwanted video categories, they will be hidden as below:

Step 3: Set audio format with 5.1 channels
Click the “Settings” button, a profile window will pop up as below:
Beneath it, you can set audio/video parameters for your reference. Here I just want to set channels as 5.1.

Step 4: Start conversion by clicking the “Convert” button
Once all the settings are done, you will get the converted video files from its default folder. Then you can put them on your Xbox 360 for viewing like me.
That’s all. Hope it helps!

Has there been any progress on getting VB to work with XBox 360 and Windows Phone 7? I hate to be rude, but it seems like we still considered to be second class citizens when it comes to non-desktop platforms.



I wonder when will xbox users such as myself will see exclusive games for the xbox 360, I mean as a hardcore gamer and a big supporter of the 360, i feel as those that we're missing exclusives. In case in point mass effect is going over Ps3 and so is left for dead is too. Just want to know when


Hi, I have just bought a High Definition TV, and get the HD DVD player from XBOX, I connect the xbox with the VGA cables, I try a HD DVD for like 20 minutes and work fine, then I put a Game and work fine for about 20 minutes, then the image change to a windows save mode kind of image, like the resolution has decrease. I enter to the menu of the Xbox and go to the HD menu and try to change the definition to 480i but it show is not valid.

I shut down the Xbox and wait a few hours, I started again, and it looks great then I go to the menu and I can change the definition to 480i and back to 720i with out problems. I play a game for about 2 hours and looks great.

the other day I turn off the Xbox and a few minutes later the problem was there again.

I don´t know if you have any suggestion or any one has seen this some other time.


I tried to stream my music/video(wmv)/mp3's from my pc last night thry my 360 as i usually do but when i tried the 360 couldn't see my pc. I loaded up media player 11 and it told me that 'Media sharing has been turned off because a required Windows setting or component has changed. For additional assistance, click Web Help. It offered up a web help page to go to so i followed it. I went thru the trouble shooting guide and still nothing will work and sharing is still off and i can't turn it back on, the trouble shooting guide mentions making sure the account user is allowed to acces the files by clicking on the security tab of the media folder (properties) but there's no security tab there!!!??? I've also tried uninstalling and re-installing MP11 and i still get the same ***!??

This is really frustrating! I haven't turned anything off or changed any components so how has this happened and how do i get to share my media again with my 360 with media player 11?

Can anyone help please as this is how i use all my music, my hd videos of games trailers etc and all my photo's??? Help would be greatly appreciated.


The Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator is now available!  The emulator is downloaded through Xbox LIVE Marketplace on your existing Xbox player.  The Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator can run projects from an optical disc, an external USB drive, or from a network drive, and logs API calls, errors, warnings, and exceptions with time code information to a networked PC. 



Hello all,

I am looking for an MCSA or MCSE for a lecturing/training role in Adelaide, South Australia. The role is part time and would involve some after hours work. Please only contact me if you are in the area.


(The above email address will be cancelled on or before "September 1st, 2010".)


-Andrew G


Wondering if 073 exam = 070.

Is the only difference is price?






    I'm sorry to be such a noob, but if you have children, please consider offering me some assistance.

    I'm studying what it would take to put a SCORM compliant Learning Management System like Moodle ( http://moodle.org ) on XBox Live with the goal of offering downloadable eLearning that would lead to "Achievements" in things like basic math, geography, and other academic topics, in an entertaining manner.  Before I get started, I'd like to read a book on XBox 360 and XBox Live development and find out a few things.

    Can someone please recommend a good book on XBox 360 and XBox Live development, targeted at an intermediate level C# programmer with Visual Studio?   Is there a Macromedia/Adobe Flash player for XBox 360?  Is there a web browser for XBox 360?  Can a keyboard be connected to the XBox 360?


Tom Schaefer


mmm chocolate lol = :D

How to Convert Blu-ray Movies to H264 for Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 is the second video game console produced by Microsoft, and the successor to the Xbox. The Xbox 360 competes with Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles. It allows players to compete online, download arcade games, game demos, trailers, TV shows, music and movies and its Windows Media Center multimedia capabilities.

Nowadays, H264 is becoming a hot topic. Do you want to enjoy the new released Blu-ray movies with H264 effect on your Xbox 360 ? Here I will share a perfect software with you.

[url=http://www.lekusoft.com/guide/dvd-ripper/how-to-uninstall-lekusoft-dvd-ripper.jsp][b]LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper[/b][/url][b] [/b]makes sophisticated Blu-ray technology easy to handle. [url=http://www.lekusoft.com/guide/dvd-ripper/how-to-uninstall-lekusoft-dvd-ripper.jsp][b]LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper[/b][/url] helps you to watch the Blu-ray movies even without a Blu-ray player. It rips/converts Blu-ray discs to AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP and FLV.

You can set up the output format as below:

If you want to know more details about the operation, see the[url=http://www.lekusoft.com/guide/dvd-ripper/how-to-rip-blu-ray-dvd-movie-to-mp4.jsp] tutorial[/url].
Hey, I was just curious what References I would need for me to be able to program an windows application that assigns a Xbox 360 controller to a keyboard button or mouse axis.

I hope to make this mapper work so that games other than supported controller ones will work. I have started by making a windows form that has a set of buttons in order of a QWERTY keyboard. If I wanted to configure the thumbsticks to emulate mouse axis X, and Y: How would I go about doing this?

Hey all,

I'm not a programmer, I'm an audio/video guy and I'm wondering with the latest upgrade to the Xbox 360 voice chat, what is the performance improvement in the voice chat codec?





Attention Developers, Partners and Hobbyists…

Here‘s your chance to add an XBOX 360 and Kinect Combo Pack to your family room! 

The Microsoft Public Sector team is looking for 10 new State and Local Government Applications for Government employees to use on their NEW Windows 7 Phones.  To qualify for the contest, enter your new Windows Phone 7 app in the contest and load it into the new Windows Phone 7 Marketplace by February 18, 2011!  Get started now…you’ll be pleased to discover that the Windows Phone 7 development tools are the same familiar tools you use today. 

Want to learn more? Visit  http://www.microsoft.com/industry/government/products/WindowsPhone7/contest/StateAndLocal.aspx for more details.


I just bought my HD DVD player a couple of weeks ago and it has been working great.  Now the green light that comes on when you hit eject does not come on and the 360 does not recognize that the player is attached.  I called Microsoft (a.k.a. Malaysia) and they gave me the run-around.  i tried to reload the cd on my 360 but then it says to attach my HD DVD player to the 360.  The USB is connected and the HD DVD player will open, take a disc, and act like it is reading it but it does not come up on my 360 any longer.  Could this be a bad USB cable?  Thanks!


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