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Can't Create SharePoint Server 2010 Website (TF252031, TF250044)

I have installed following software on my Windows Server 2008 R2 machine:

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) {role} SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Team Foundation Server 2010

Now I want to create a new TFS SharePoint Server 2010 website using Team Foundation Server Administration Console.

But this step always fails, logging the following error message:

[2010-12-15 16:19:11Z][Error] TF252031 : A SharePoint site could not be created for the team project collection. The following error occurred: "TF250044 : A SharePoint site cannot be created at the following location: http://tfs-vm/MyFirstProjectCollection . The following user account does not have the required permissions in SharePoint Products to create a site at that location: MYDOMAIN\TfsService . The user account must have sufficient permissions to create a sub-site on the following site: http://tfs-vm/MyFirstProjectCollection . You may find more information at the Microsoft website (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=166742)."


I had created an individual TFS user in the domain: MYDOMAIN\TfsService . This user is a member of the Domain-Guests group in Active Directory. Moreover, in SPS 2010 this user is a member of the Farm Administrators group.


I have created a SharePoint Server 2010 default website collection beforehand:

URL: http://tfs-vm
Title: My First Website


What am I doing wrong?


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Answer 1

Hi BetterToday,

Thanks for the post. From your description, looks like a permissions issue. make sure that the account that runs the sharePoint central administration app pool and the Web applicaiton are members of the "SharePoint web application Services" group within TFS.

Also, the Tfsservice account and the acount that you are using to create the project, should be a site collection administrator.

Hope this helps! if not please share the Project collection log.


Answer 2

Hi Arun,

thanks for your help.

Adding TfsService to the SharePoint Web Site Collection Administrators list did the job.

Unfortunately I didn't understand the first part of your reply. Where would I look up security group memberships in TFS. I am new to TFS and I can't find this setting anywhere in TFS Administration Console.

Thank your for taking the time!

Axel Dahmen


Answer 3

Hi Axel,

Thanks for the update. The "SharePoint web application Services" group can be accessed within TFS administration Console > Applicaiton Tier (node on the left panel) > On the right panel - Group membership > [TEAm FOUNDATION]\SharePoint web application Services.

Hope this helps.

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