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cant get in my email account

i dint remember my password or my secret answers,i stop using my alternative email address and so i forgot the password also but this 1 is my main account,i try many answers but its not working,can sum1 help me plz!!!!!!!!!!

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Please go to http://support.live.com, they can help  you there.

hey.....i have already changed my password....but i do not know how or who deleted aaaalll of my emails....was it virus or somebody hacked....i do not know....but please restore all of my emails...i will really really appreciate it..!!

hey....can someone please help me.....my hotmail account was hacked and aaallll of my emails have been deleted....please someone restore them before its too late....i had so much important things inside....please help me.... account name is


i dint remember my password or my secret answers,i stop using my alternative email address and so i forgot the password also but this 1 is my main account,i try many answers but its not working,can sum1 help me plz!!!!!!!!!!
I recently had my Xbox 360 die on me and went to Best Buys to use the 2 yr warranty AGAIN for the 4th time. As usual Best Buys has held up to their end of the bargain and replaced my Xbox 360. Only this time they upgraded me to an Xbox 360 Elite. This is the first time I did not keep my old hard drive because the elite HD is much larger. When I got home and reconnected everything and tried to recover my gamertag I needed the original E-mail and password to do this.  That was about 4 yrs ago and 2 ISP's ago.  I am not sure if I remember the Email from back then and I certainly do not remember the password I signed up with.  I tried contacting Xbox by phone (4 Times) and each time they get me to go online and fill out a form with all the personal information I can think of to prove I am who I say I am. The reponse I get tells me that the information is not complete and that the old   E-mail Windows live account doesn't exist. I do not want to cancel my Xbox Live account because I have made purchases with this account and do not want to re-purchase them. I don't even know if I can cancel it without the email and password...???

What do I need to do to get my Gamertag back?  I gave my name, gamertag, SSN, Address, Credit card number I am paying for it with including expiration date, The answers to 3 secret questions, the amount of microsoft points I still have on my balance, friend's names on my Xbox Live account and offered to answer any other questions they want to ask me.  

What now?

How will i retrieve my files and contacts at my hacked email rglagamson@hotmail.com.  thanks


Please take note of my account hacked rglagamson@hotmail.com and I need all my files on said account.  thanks
my email adress has bee hacked what can i do to retrieve it

Hi Guys,

We just recently implemented LUA (Least-user Access Privilege) in our company.  Our OS mostly runs on windows XP SP3.  During the implementation we have encountered this problem on a few numbers of computers -> the email get stuck in outbox when a restricted user id/account is used.  When the ID is given an administrative privilege, the email gets through.  Any idea and suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


No error is being provided by the system. The email is just stuck in the outbox We did not install or the computer niether have add-ons installed The PST is working perfectly

We have already performed the following but to no avail:

Gave the user id full control access to the PST file Uninstall/reinstall outlook 2003 Created a new profile

Thanks... /Ron


Does anyone know how can change the email address my windows live account is linked to?


At my previous company I setup my account and completed serveral MS learning couses, etc. I have now left that company so I want to attach my account to a personal address (gmail). is this possible or does it have to be MS mail provider? plus how do I change the email address?


Hi Everyone

I have "Regard in crm " contact email that I got ,and it was updated on the parent account activity history

But , the crm wrote the email address in red color on the "from" Email field  and under the subject there is an error message says : the email bellow contain script or content that is potentially harmful and has been blocked" . when I opened the message I can see that it refers to the email signature: My name, My role in work, email address and ( the same email on the form field ,because I send it to my self for test) and the company web site.

I tried to track in crm other mail from other contact that I have updated his mail on the contact email field got no error message but I can't see the mail on the crm.what seemed to be the problem






Hi all,

I am trying to create a workflow that will automatically fill parts of an account when the primary contact is selected. The fields that I am trying to fill are the jobtitle, email and the phone number. None of these will fill in when I select the primary contact. Is there something I am missing or do these features just not work?

... I have also discovered that i can get the full name to display if I select that for one of the auto-fill fields. So I am not sure what is going on.


My hotmail account has been hacked or locked.  I can not get into it.  I know I am using the right password but I can not get into for 3 days now.  Where do I go at Microsoft to get help.  I need to retrieve my old account.  I have tried to retrieve my password but it is catch 22 that the answer goes to the hacked locked email account.  My hacked account is    lightfocus@hotmail.com    can someone please help me or tell me where to go for help?

thanks Bill


Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the AppFabric and ACS and have a question concerning getting the email address for a windows live id, do you need to create a new claim rule to return the email address for Live ID, if so what would the required setting. I'm assuming that the user would have to grant concent to use the email address.

Or would I have to use the Windows Identity Foundation to retrieve the email address?

Or is the only way to get the email is to use Live Services Delgated Authentication and retrieve the users contacts to get there email.

Thanks in advance



I want my ASP.Net onbuttonclick to send simple email from my Yahoo/Gmail account.

Any document pointing to how to set this up on settings etc ?



How I can query Active Directory for accounts missing email address.  What is the syntax for this from a .Net application.  Does anyone have sample code for doing this?  I am also looking to query AD for GetCustomersWithInvalidEmailAddresses.

Thanks so much.... 



i want asp.net script to create new email account. i mean there should b registration form like gmail or yahoomail and my user can create their own account under my domain name.please help me.my client has extreme need this.



Working from home on an XP Machine, trying to configure IIS to send emails from Asp.Net via my broadband provider (BT).

Relay enabled, so now errors are:

The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.3 Client was not authenticated

Pertinent settings that I can see are (in IIS Default SMTP Virtual Server properties):

Access, Authentication (presumably app to IIS): Basic + Integrated Windows

(However Basic includes correct BT server smtp.btconnect.com -> suggests this is authentication relevant IIS to BT, not app to IIS)

Access, Relay: added

Delivery, Outbound Security: (presumably IIS to BT) Basic Authentication

UserName: my.btusername@btconnect.com (tried with and without @domain)

Password: ***** per my account at Bt

Integrated Windows Authentication disabled

TLS Encryption NOT selected


I cannot see any other obvious candidates for authentication.

I presume model is Asp.Net App -> IIS (step 1) and IIS -> BT (step 2)

I presume Access, Authentication specifies step 1, and Delivery, Outbound Security handles step 2 - though why then does IIS recognise my bt server in step 1?


Any help appreciated.






I changed on the SQL Server service account to a least priviledge domain user.  However after the change, one of my sqljob which use sp_send_dbmail is not functioning. after checking on the log, it mentioned no permission. i tried to set the MSSQLUser Group as db_owner of msdb database, but it was not helping. When i set the MSSQLUser group as sysadmin ,then only the job able to send email. what could be the least priviledge of the service account so that i able to send email via sql job?

I am using the Outlook Client with my hosted CRM. I use it mostly so that emails to and from CRM Contacts get automatically recorded in the History of the Contacts and Accounts. Today I noticed that the email records in these Histories no longer have any date/time information. I don't think this used to be the case. But now, when I go into a an email in a History, there is no way to see when it was sent/received. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

We are converting from GroupWise to Excahnge 2010 using Quest Migrator. We would like to do a practice migration to make sure the day of conversion will go okay. We would like to then remove all the email migrated over to our Exchange account, but would not like to delete users, and need to re-mailbox enable them. We would like to remove the email after the practice migration, and before the real migration so we do not get duplicate emails in users accounts.

Is there a way to delete all mail off of an Exchange 2010 server without removing user mailboxes?


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