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Can't Open in Project Professional

Hello all,

I have Project Professional installed,but when I attempt to Open "In Project Professional" I get the following error:

"This operation requires that Microsoft Project Professional 2010 or Microsoft Project Professional 2007 to be installed and configured to connect to a profile for this Project Web App site. If Project Professional is loaded, ensure that it is connected to the profile for this Project Web App site and that there are no dialog boxes open."

Any clues?


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Answer 1

Hello Kelly

Have you added the accounts to Project Professional?

It's under File / Info



Answer 2

I have it opening now. I needed to add the Web Address to Project Server within Project Professional. This is done by opening Project Professional and selecting Info under File. From this point you can "Manage Accounts" and add it in.

Answer 3

Sounds like you need to set up a Project Server account within Microsoft
Project Professional - under File > Info (in 2010), Tools > Enterprise Options
(in 2007).
Ask your administrator for the appropriate account information.


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