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Can't Open in Project Professional

Hello all,

I have Project Professional installed,but when I attempt to Open "In Project Professional" I get the following error:

"This operation requires that Microsoft Project Professional 2010 or Microsoft Project Professional 2007 to be installed and configured to connect to a profile for this Project Web App site. If Project Professional is loaded, ensure that it is connected to the profile for this Project Web App site and that there are no dialog boxes open."

Any clues?


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Answer 1

Hello Kelly

Have you added the accounts to Project Professional?

It's under File / Info



Answer 2

I have it opening now. I needed to add the Web Address to Project Server within Project Professional. This is done by opening Project Professional and selecting Info under File. From this point you can "Manage Accounts" and add it in.

Answer 3

Sounds like you need to set up a Project Server account within Microsoft
Project Professional - under File > Info (in 2010), Tools > Enterprise Options
(in 2007).
Ask your administrator for the appropriate account information.


i have been working perfectly and opening my projects with project professional from PWA

All of a sudden,i get this error: no permission to read enterprise global file when trying to edit my projects in project professional from the PWA

i have also tried opening the project from project professional directly and it says (*you do not have sufficient permissions to  perform the requested action)*

please what is the cause of this issue and what can i do to resolve it?


I have just installed Project Server 2010 and have been testing it.  I have created some project plans in Project Professional 2010 on my destop and published them to Project server successfully.  The problem is that I cannot open them in Project Professional 2010 from Project Web Access.  The steps I have taken are:

I go to Project Web Access (PWA) and select "Project Center" I then select a project I choose "open" from the ribbon and then "In Project Professional for editing" PWA then stops working Project Professional starts The result If Project Professional is not open then it opens but nothing is loaded. If Project Professional is open then a message is displayed: "Project cannot recognize this file format  Do you want to open this file as text only?" If I select yes then I need to map the columns and I do not know what needs to be mapped If I click "No" then I get a message that the file name may be wrong, the format may be wrong or it may be a format earlier than Project 98.

Also when I try to edit a plan and Project is open Project loses the ability for me to click the "X" to close the window.

Can anyone help?


I'm thinking there is a bug somewhere, every time I try to open projects from within Project center, in Project professional 2010, it doesn't open, but when I try opening then in Project center it opens for editing. I'm thinking it has to do with the connection between Project server and Project professional.  

This started after I created a resource custom field yesterday.


Hi all.

Some of my users can't open Enterprise Resource Pool in browser selecting Resource-> Resource Pool -> Enterprise Resource Pool from Project Professional Client.

In some cases, the browser opens in 'connecting' mode but nothing appears (no timeout ... freeze in blank page with 'connecting' ... but if I write a url, navigation is ok)

In other cases, the browsers  opens with wrong url (http://server/pwa/default.aspx/resources.aspx

Can someone help me?

thank you



Somehow I can't open enterprise resources in Project Professional. When I select a resource in Resource Center and click "Open", if Project Professional isn't opened yet, then it opens but nothing appears but an empty project plan and the resources are not checked out. If Project Professional is already opened and connected to the server, following error pops up:

"Project cannot open the file.

Check that the file name and path are correct. Check that the file format is recognized by Project.

Project files saved in a version earlier than Microsoft Project 98 can't be opened."

There again, the resources are not checked out.

Project Server and Project Professional are 2010 RTM. Server Account is set up; opening, editing and saving enterprise projects works fine. I have all permissions. Creating and editing enterprise resources through PWA works fine, too.

Both server and project pro are english installations. German language pack is installed on the server. I tried to set the browser language to english to see if it would help, but the result was the same.

Any clue what the problem might be?



I am getting the following message...........

a.       A dialog box message appears as follows “The file cannot be opened….check that the file name and path are correct….Project files saved in a version earlier than Microsoft Project 98 can’t be opened”.


I am using MS Project Professional 2007 but am on office 2003.

There are 20 subprojects linked to a master plan


We have done the following when we get the message... however, it just keeps occuring and in different sub files.

What can I do?  Is there a patch fix for this?




                                                               i.      The solution is to perform a SAVE AS with the file version as a 2003 version

                                                             ii.      Close and Re-Open the file again

                                                            iii.      This time perform a SAVE AS on the same exact file but of type “Project(*.mpp)”.



How to open a VC++ project in Express edition 2005. Application project was earlier created using VC++ professional edition.

When i tried to open in express edition, it says conversion failed.

Please find the error which i got while conversion, it is mentioned below,

Conversion Issues - Manoeuvre.vcproj:
The following error has occurred during XML parsing: File: D:\Backup_QI-323\DINESH_QI_2463\Fuel_System_Software_13-Sep-10\ManvreModel\Manoeuvre\Manoeuvre\Manoeuvre.vcproj Line: 9 Column: 2 Error Message: '9.00' violates enumeration constraint of '7.00 7,00 7.10 7,10 8.00 8,00'. The attribute 'Version' with value '9.00' failed to parse. The file 'D:\Backup_QI-323\DINESH_QI_2463\Fuel_System_Software_13-Sep-10\ManvreModel\Manoeuvre\Manoeuvre\Manoeuvre.vcproj' has failed to load.
Project upgrade failed.


Waiting for a Quick response.

Thanks & Regards,





     When I try to edit the enterprise Calendar In project web app, Its open the project professional but its show the following error

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

when I select Yes, its open the Inport wizzard and finally its can't open anything.


How can I solve this..?



Arkom Lueng


PS.I already use project professional 2010


Hello all,

I have Project Professional installed,but when I attempt to Open "In Project Professional" I get the following error:

"This operation requires that Microsoft Project Professional 2010 or Microsoft Project Professional 2007 to be installed and configured to connect to a profile for this Project Web App site. If Project Professional is loaded, ensure that it is connected to the profile for this Project Web App site and that there are no dialog boxes open."

Any clues?

This is probably an easy answer, but has got me stumped. When Project Professional opens, I get a Project1 with a View1 view and manual scheduling. What I want is a Gantt View with Auto Scheduling. I've tried to make this change both locally and enterprise, but nothing seems to take. If I go to File > Options > General and change to Gantt View and go to File >Options > Schedule and change to  Auto Schedule with Project1, it wants to Save As a new project. If I do the same with projects closed, nothing happens. If I do the same and select All New Projects, again it wants to save Project1 as a new project. I don't see any way to update this Project1 to open correctly. When I open the Enterprise Global, it's setup exactly the way I want and opens in Gantt View with Auto Schedule, but this never seems to transfer to the client. I'm stumped. What setting(s) am I missing?

I opened project in project professional 2007 and then after modification save the project . but after 20 minutes still the message is displayed at the bottom of project professional 2007.

"Save job 0% complete. Expected wait time 15s"

and when I go to "Project Web Access Administration" and click on "Manage Queue" then there are also these jobs are on queue from 4 days and showing Job state "Waiting to be Processed".

although I restarted the "Queue" and "Event" Services many time.

and also "Check-In " function is not working.

Kindly tell me the solution immediately .

Hello, I'm working with VS 2010 and I'd like my default Open Project option to be "Add to Solution" like it was in VS 2008. It appears that it was changed to "Close Solution" in VS 2010. Can I configure this default anywhere in the system? The reason I would like it to behave this way is explained in my TFS forum post here: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/tfsgeneral/thread/446934c1-2928-4089-ba77-50222ef3776f A short description of why I need to set this default that I want projects to be added to my current solution when I double click them in the TFS Source Control Explorer (as they were in VS 2008). Could you provide me with some direction of how I may configure this in Visual Studio? Thanks, -Nick

Is it possible to use Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 desktop to work with Project Server 2010? Can we publish a project?

Do we have to use project Professional 2010 when we have a Project Server 2010?




My company is debating on purchasing MS Project Server 2010. A few directors have asked if the MS Project Professional that we currently own would be able to be integrated somehow with each other. The question is if a project or task created within MS Project Professional could be uploaded into MS Project Server 2010?

Hi all, I am new to Project Server 2007 and had hard time to understand the differences between the task list item create in MS Project Professional and tasks create from Project website.

For example, when I create task name from MS Project Professional and publish to http://projectserver/project1, these tasks show in the Project Web Access Home page under "My Tasks" link at http://projectserver/ home page.

When I access to the project website at http://projectserver/project1, I also see "Task" list link and the task that I defined in the MS Project Professional doesn't show up here instead it show at the Project Web Access home page.

So what is the differences between these two task List. When we use one VS. other?



Hello all,

As long as we will be waiting for Project and TFS integration package I am looking for temporary way round.

I am using desktop project professional as connector for both servers and it looks like working fortunatelly but there is some small issue:

My resource has 8 hours workday but they may work for instance 9 hours. They will use Team explorer for typing in hours then it flows trought project professional and from here it is published to project server - everything works good with small exception - hours are splited not into normal and overtime but into another day so he has 8 hours spent today and 1 hour spend on next day

Is there any way to set this up for spliting into overtime ? Thank you for all answers.



I've setup a MS Project Server 2010. then I created few Users & added them to Groups. (Administrator & team members also ) But when I connect to MS Project Server 2010 , Using with MS Project professional 2010 , it comes a error. it says that "Could not Retrieve Server initialization Data "  . Further I'm working on Domain Network Environment. So MS Project professional auto detect the Windows Logged User. Can I change the User in 2010 Version also .

Kindly please tell me that what is the reason for generate this issue ....


Hi ,

I'm using a Option / Feature that PROJECT GUIDE ( View-> Turn On/Off Project Guide ) on MS Project Professional 2007 with MS Project Server 2007 .

Now I'm using MS Project Professional 2010 with MS project Server 2010.  But ican't find like the Option / Feature in this MS Project professional 2010. 

Any idea regarding this,




In PS2010, SEM mode noticed such bahavior:

1) time entries posted, sent for approval and approved

2) project plan in PWA won't show task updates

3) if I start editing project plan in PWA I can see the task updates

4) if I close project plan all updates that I could see in 3) are gone

5) if I start editing project plan in Project Professional I can see the task updates

6) if I close project plan I can see all updates in both Project Professional and PWA


Is there any way to make task updates available in project plan right after approval? Or at least make task updates staying in project plan after checkin in PWA?



We would like to implement customized project professional 2007 template.   We would like all the project managers to use this "master" template for all their projects.  Just note that every Project manager has a project professional 2007 profile which connects them to project server 2007. How do we do this?


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