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How can I change the width of a column in a list of sharepoint 2010 ?

How do I change the column width in sharepoint 2010 so the data displays properly in standard view?

I open the list View in sharepoint designer,and change the width of the <td> ,but ,when I preview ,the column width don't change. what should I do?


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Answer 1

Could you please let me know why do you want to adjust the column  width. In SharePoint 2010 list  standard view, it is adjusted automatically according to your text width. I typed in a long sentence, the column is expanded so that the whole sentence is displayed.


Answer 2

I have two columns,Both of they have a long content, but one is very wide, another one is very narrow,so I want to adjust it . can you give me some suggestion.



Answer 3

While they may auto adjust to what it thinks is a correct width, far too often it allocates way too much room and that causes lists with 4 columns to be much longer than they need to be and without the ability to adjust them, lists look strange. http://twitpic.com/23ro09/full is an example of the first column  having been allocated too much room.


Answer 4

SharePoint Designer will allow you to customize column  widths by customizing the XSLT.


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