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Compiled exe not working

I am developing an windows application, a module of which requires collection of data from yahoo finance using httpWebRequest. It is a multi threaded application. The application also uses some external dlls which are properly referenced.

Now the problem is application is running fine from VS2008 IDE.

But when I try to run the compiled exe from bin\debug\compiled exe application opens but nothing happens after that.

I have tried to clean solution and then rebuild it.

It is not an external dll issue which I can assure you.

I have no clue what is going on.

Please Help. 


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Answer 1

Start the app outside VS then go into VS and attach to the running  process to see what is going on.  Alternatively put a Debug.Assert in your startup code and then start the program outside the debugger.  Either case will get you into the program where you can debug it.  There is something wrong with your code so we can't really help  you with that aspect because we don't know anything about your code.

Michael Taylor - 9/30/2010


Answer 2

Whenever you run  an application  in VS, it will take care & handles your application.

In your case, tt seems that your application got some errors or may be waiting indefinetly for some operation to get completed.

Try to use Exceptiona handling in each & every method on all your classes & throw a messagebox or log the error on to a file

to identify the cause of the issue.


Answer 3

Hi SubhajitDatta,


Thank you for your post.


Some clarification with you

-           Could you please descript your concern more clarifier?


Regarding your description, I created a new project and would like to reproduce your scenario, but it worked well on my machine.

I write an app to simulate C# compiler. It could execute this app.

I would recommend that you could please check the following link, which talks about how to programmatically compile code using C# compiler.



Hope this helps! If you have any issues, please feel free to let me know.






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