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Connect to Outlook greyed out?

I am using Sharepoint Foundation 2010 on a 64bit server, clients are using IE7 or IE8 and Office 2003 or Office 2007.

However in document libraries in Sharepoint the 'Connect to Outlook' feature is greyed out?  Hovering over the icon says that 'This control is currently disabled'

How do you resolve this?

On another note if the majority of client machines are using Office 2003 would I be better downgrading and using WSS3 instead of the new Sharepoint Foundation server as it seems that unless you are using Office 2010/2007 then the platform is unusable?


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Answer 1

Here are two useful links. In principle, you can connect a library to Outlook 2007 but not 2003. The downgrade/upgrade depends on your specific case.


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