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"Connect to Outlook" option not available (grayed out) for integrating SP Calendar with Outlook

I have a basic calendar in SP2010. For some reason, the "Connect to Outlook" button is grayed out. I cannot figure out why, since this option is available for Task and Contact lists. I have used this feature multiple times, but I do not have the option for calendars. Is there an config/setting somewhere that I am missing? Thanks.

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Answer 1

Are you using Internet explorer 7+?  Also are you accessing the site from a pc with Office 2010 installed?

Answer 2

I am using IE 8. And, yes, I have Office 2010 installed.. but, I am actually using Outlook 2007. I figured this should not be an issue though since I am able to connect tasks and contacts to outlook without a problem.

Answer 3

hmm.. can you try with Outlook 2010? I did some tests here and IE8 (Win7) + Outlook 2010  and IE8(XP) + Outlook 2007 show me the options "Connect to Outlook"

Also would help if you tell us if it's 32 bit or 64 bit.


Answer 4

The SharePoint Server is 64-bit and I am using a 32-bit machine.


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