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"Connect to Outlook" option not available (grayed out) for integrating SP Calendar with Outlook

I have a basic calendar in SP2010. For some reason, the "Connect to Outlook" button is grayed out. I cannot figure out why, since this option is available for Task and Contact lists. I have used this feature multiple times, but I do not have the option for calendars. Is there an config/setting somewhere that I am missing? Thanks.

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Are you using Internet explorer 7+?  Also are you accessing the site from a pc with Office 2010 installed?

Answer 2

I am using IE 8. And, yes, I have Office 2010 installed.. but, I am actually using Outlook 2007. I figured this should not be an issue though since I am able to connect tasks and contacts to outlook without a problem.

Answer 3

hmm.. can you try with Outlook 2010? I did some tests here and IE8 (Win7) + Outlook 2010  and IE8(XP) + Outlook 2007 show me the options "Connect to Outlook"

Also would help if you tell us if it's 32 bit or 64 bit.


Answer 4

The SharePoint Server is 64-bit and I am using a 32-bit machine.


For users who use only the browser version of CRM, there is an option when personalizing the workplace to "Set the time zone you are in".  Once the CRM Client for Outlook has been installed, this option disappears from the General tab of the Options screen. 

There is the ability on the Formats tab to set the current format from English (US) to English (UK), but that does not change the time from Eastern Daylight time to Greenwich time as needed by our UK office users.  We are based in the US, but have offices globally, so this in an issue for us in three additional offices besides the UK. 

The problem this causes is that when a UK user schedules an appointment within CRM in their local UK time, it transfers onto their Outlook calendar as Eastern Daylight time.  Example: CRM appointment scheduled for 2:00 pm Greenwich (local time) displays on their Outlook calendar at 9:00 am.

I have verified that the user's Outlook calendar is set to Greenwich time and the computer time is set to Greenwich time.  It appears that the CRM Outlook client translates the time from Greenwich to EDT rather than leaving it as scheduled for our UK office users.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you.


I am trying to setup a SP calendar in Outlook.  I have contribute rights to the calendar.  When I click on Connect to Outlook and view the Advanced configuration, the Permissions are set to Read.  Therefore, when I set the calendar up in Outlook, I do not have the ability to add events to the calendar from within Outlook and have it sync with the SP calendar.  I've tried this on with different calendars on different sites and have the same issue.  Is this an Exchange server setting issue?  Any other ideas on what might be causing it not to allow me to contribute from within Outlook?


I am wanting to access a users current calendar options in C# via a VSTO add in. Specifically their calendar work week properties: StartTime, EndTime and what days of the week they work. I only require 'read' access.

Outlook 2007, Visual Studio 2008, .net3.5

Thank you for any help provided.


I had my Outlook Calendar configured to MySite page when we were running Exchange 2003.   Our mailboxes have now been moved to Exchange 2007 server and when I reconfigured the Calendar web part to connect to the new 2007 server I'm getting prompted to logon.   It appears the servers are the same just one is 2003 and the other is 2007.

Is there something different between making the connection to 2003 vs 2007?

We connect to  the calendar through the 2003 server using http://servername/exchange

I've tried connecting to the calendar through the 2007 using http://servername/exchange and http://servername/owa

Any suggestions?  Our exchange administrator is looking at the servers but is not seeing any major differences between the two.




We're running MOSS 2007 and have our company directory on there.  So far it's connected pretty seamlessly to everybody's Outlook.  But we deployed Outlook 2010 on a couple test stations, and now we're getting these errors when trying to connect a Sharepoint Calendar to them:
Task 'SharePoint' reported error (0x80040102) : 'Outlook cannot connect to the SharePoint List (Company Directory). The server may not be reachable from your location. Contact the SharePoint site administrator for more information. HTTP 0.'

Task 'SharePoint' reported error (0x80070005) : 'You do not have permission to view this SharePoint List (Intranet Site - Company Directory). Contact the SharePoint site administrator.  HTTP 401.'

Anybody know what's causing these or how to overcome them?  I tried searching on the web with no success.



I'm running MOSS 2007, Exchange 2003, Office 2007.

When I connect a calendar to outlook receive the following error: Task 'SharePoint' reported error (0x8000FFFF) : 'An error occurred either in Outlook or Sharepoint. Contact the SharePoint site administrator. HTTP 400.'

This will not allow me to do a 2 way sync with SharePoint and Outlook. I can add items to the SharePoint calendar, but they appear offline (only on my pc).

If I create a new calendar on My Site page, I can sync back and forth with that calendar through Outlook without an issue.

I've read some other posts and have tried the delete all files and re-establish the connection to SharePoint to no avail. I have full control of both the SharePoint and My Site calendar, so I don't think it's a rights issue.

Any help on this is appreciated.

We have sharepoint 2010 ent installed and have a bunch of shared calendars on it for our users.  We are able to successfully connect the calendars to outlook 2010, but everytime outlook is launched it asks, at least once, for a username and password to connect to the sharepoint server(but it brings up the IP address of the sharepoint server, not the URL).  NTLM authentication is enabled on the sharepoint server and if I go to the sharepoint url, it picks up on my username.  We had sharepoint services 3.0 installed previously and using shared calendars, it didn't do this.  Any thoughts?

SharePoint 2007, we have some document libraries that when they send out an alert, the user has the option via a button in the email that says "Connect to this document library".

Is there a way to disable this per library?


I have setup some SharePoint 2007 calendars as part of a diary system.  As the users open the calendars in Outlook 2007 anyway, we thought it simplest that those who needed a nice looking hard copy made use of the Calendar Printing Assistant.

The problem is that the Assistant cannot use the SharePoint calendars on all computers bar one. 
The Assistant can see the calendars and allows them to be selected for use.  However, instead of a tick box there is a red circle containg an x.  If you click on the icon you get the following message repeated twice: "Cannot retrieve events from folder [Calendar name].  Original Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 error message: 263040"

On one computer there are no problems.  We cannot see any differences in setup.  We have tried running fixmapi.exe and switched Outlook cahing on and off. There are no problems using using other personal or shared calendars

Has anybody come across this before?



I want our users to be able to make meetings in sharepoint and see it directly in their personal calendar, also when other users subscribe and unsubcribe it should be seen in their personal calendar.

I know its possible to "Link/Connect with outlook" but this makes a new "Other Calendar" which u can put side to side with your own calender.
I would like to have it directly imported into my personal outlook calendar. 

Is there any known information , links about this?


Is it possible to synchronize calendars between Outlook and SharePoint such that a user in Outlook can elect, on any given calendar entry, to have that entry post to a SharePoint calendar AT THE SAME TIME?  Our division has a presence on our SharePoint intranet site.  On the site is a calendar that shows vacation time of all division employees.  What we hope to be able to do is that when an employee enters there vacation on their own Outlook calendar, that it updates the Employee Vacation Calendar on the SharePoint site too. 

I am aware of the ability to synchronize calendars, and have the SP calendar show up in Other Calendars in Outlook, and then drag a copy from the Outlook calendar to the SharePoint calender as shown here: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/Blogs/GetThePoint/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?List=8d9e2a99-f288-47c2-916b-2f32864f7b82&ID=73&Web=5e4647a0-e7d0-4626-b71c-b1ff06402465, but we are hoping to even eliminate that copying step.

I have a group calendar in Outlook and I would like our SharePoint calendar to be automatically updated when changes are made to the Outlook group calendar. Is there a way to do this? Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Hi All,

I couldn't find my Outlook 2010 calendar in Mobileme, how can i find my Outlook calendar there or I could see MobileMe calendar in Outlook calendars but

not showing today pane, any salution either i can send my Outlook calendar to MobileMe or could view on Outlook Today pane ? 

System: Windows , iTune is 9

Thanks in advance.



I am using MOSS2007 and office outlook 2007. I configured it properly and its working fine with OOB calendar. But my requirement is something different.

If other members send me some meeting requests and I accept it. It should be added into my calendar default. Now it is adding into Outlook calendar default. How can I achieve this so that my calendar entries from my outlook will be availabel to me in my MOSS site also.

Please suggest me some solution. It is very urgent for me.

I have a shared calendar on SharePoint which is linked into OutLook 2010. When I go to email the calendar using the email icon in Outlook, all of the events are showing up in the body of the email as HTML as expected including recurring events.  Oddly, the ICS calendar that is automatically attached to the email does not show any recurring events. When looking at the Outlook shared calendar, all of the recurring events are displayed as expected. I do not see any settings that are eliminating recurring events so wondering if someone else is having this problem or knows what to do.

After booting from WinPE, I have tried several diffrent installs of XP and all of them have the "Install Windows XP" option grayed out.

Some of the sites I've read mention cacls to change permissions, but I dont even have that on my WinPE drive. If it's really necessary, where can i get it. If not, how do I get the install option to not be grayed out?

Sorry if this isn't the right forum, there doesn't seem to be a WinPE forum or an XP install forum.

Thanks for being considerate.


I have followed the steps to insure correct permissions in Groups (I am a member of administrators), and Security on the Server (for the various Users and Groups Accounts set to "Manage process template = Allow)" have been cared for, but I still have no options when I select Team > Team Foundation Server Settings > Process Team Manager... (upload, Download, Make Default, Delete are all grayed out).

I want to try and download/upload the Process Template so that I can make changes to the Work Items.  Any information would be appreciated and I can include additional information if/as needed.


I installed WEC 7 CTP and built the Virtual PC image successfully. Open "Target Device Connectivity Options" under VS2008, Target\Connectivity Options, I want to change the "Target Device", BUT the "Apply" button always has been grayed out ? Anything wrong with the installation ?

Thanks & Best Regards 



I have an issue with labelfilters in Excel 2007 in combination with a SSAS cube.
At this moment I have two 'machines' at my disposal, one virtual machine and one physical machine, both have Excel 2007 installed.
When I open Excel on my virtual machine, I can connect to my SSAS cube and define labelfilters.
However, if I try to do the same with Excel 2007 on my physical machine, the labelfilter option is disabled/grayed out.

Since I'm using the same version of Excel on the same SSAS cube with the same useraccount, I have no explanation why it won't work on my physical machine.
Does anyone have a suggestion/pointer on what I could do to make the labelfilter-feature work on my physical machine?
Thanks in advance,




I am using MOSS2007 and created one calendar. Now I want to connect it to microsoft outlook. But in 'Actions' tab, I am not able to see 'Connect to Outlook' link. Can anyone please tell me what could be the reason?

Thanks in advance.


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