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Connecting to Visual Source Safe 6.0d Remotely

Hi ,


   I have recently installed Visual Source Safe 6.0d on my server. I have created VSS database on the server as well as users. But I would like to connect to this VSS Server from my remote client using the ip address of the server. I am very new to this and would like to make VSS as my source safe repository.


Please assists ASAP.


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Answer 1

Hi zeeshan,

You can refer to the article by Alin below on how to configure internet access for SourceSafe:

I recommend you try SourceAnywhere for VSS, which is a remote access add-on tool for SourceSafe. It's easy to configure and allows you to connect to remote VSS database fast and safely.


Catherine Sea
Version Control Software | Software Configuration Management Solution


Answer 2

Hi Catherine,

   Thanks for the reply. I had gone through the article earlier, but I did not get the option for installing the Microsoft Visual Source Safe (Internet) plugin. I tried with the custom installation but was not able to find this option anywhere.

  The issue is very much confusing to me. Like why cannot we have an internet access to the VSS database on the server , as far as I have read we need to setup a VPN and then connect to the server. I thought it would be similar to SVN Tortoise which is very easy to configure and acess remotely.

  Moreover I still am confused , if there is a way to configure the VSS server and access it from VSS Client , then why should people use third party tools like SourceAnyWhereand many more avaialable on internet.

 I really love working on VSS and am very much interested in continuing working on VSS , but I dont know why its so difficult. Can you tell me the steps if you have configured it earlier.



Answer 3

The issue is very much confusing to me. Like why cannot we have an internet access to the VSS database on the server , as far as I have read we need to setup a VPN and then connect to the server. I thought it would be similar to SVN Tortoise which is very easy to configure and acess remotely.


Visual SourceSafe uses standard Win32 file I/O to access the VSS database.  Over a LAN, this is architecture is not too bad.  And while it can be done (opening up standard NetBIOS ports or the share through a VPN, over a WAN, this usage of VSS Explorer can bring your system to its knees.  Some have had success accessing the VSS share over a VPN, and others have not.  It really depends on your overall make up of the VSS database, the network connection, etc.

For this reason there have been third party tools (like SourceOffSite ) which let you gain access to your VSS database.  Those tools changed the manner in which VSS data is transported from a VSS database to the end user. 

In terms of configuration, if you will be using the VSS plugin, you will need to go to VSS 2005 and make sure you have the correct pieces installed - Using Visual SourceSafe in Microsoft Visual Studio .  Note, you will only have access to the VSS database through Visual Studio.

If you need more functionality when operating on your VSS database, you would want to look at either a VPN or move to something like SourceOffSite. SourceOffSite help can be found at http://support.sourcegear.com

Hope this helps.

Jeff Clausius - SourceGear

We have moved our Visual Source Safe database to another server. We now want to add new users to the source safe database, but we don't have the Visual Source Safe Admin functions installed on it.
The original server from where database and Admin functions resided is nol longer available.
Can we install the Admin function without it affecting or deleting our current source safe database? If so how do I go about doing this?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Please let me know if Visual Source Safe 2005 will work with Visual Studio 2010?

If there is update available for VSS 2005 so source safe will be compatible with Visual Studio 2010 please provide link

Thank you in Advance

Would Visual Studio 2010 work with Visual Source Safe 2005?

Would new SSMS work with Source Safe 2005? I heard SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is just an instance of Visual Studio shell in isolated mode, so it could probably be affected somehow.

if not, is there a plan for a new version of Source Safe?

if not, would the only Microsoft source control option be Team Foundation Server, or you have something else in the plans? TFS is expensive for small not-for-profit teams and open source SVNs do not work well with SSMS, so what is your say on that?

I am in the process of testing converting our 2002/03 Visual Studio projects to 2010.  We use SourceSafe as our version control software.  If I convert a project to 2010 and it checks it in will I still be able to open it in 2002/03 if I have to do any fixes or updates before we completely convert to 2010? 

I've converted one project with no problem but it wasn't part of SourceSafe it was a free standing application for testing purposes.

Any information or links that would give me more insight into how this works would be great.




I want to know is have Visual Source Safe for Visual Studio 2010 academic edition?

if not, am I able/right to download Source Safe for my VS2010 academic edition


Thank you

Francis SZE


I'm working in a VS2003 project with other developer. We have both VSS 6.0. My project spend many time for loading, sometimes more than 15min. My partner can work fine but for me it is frustrating. For more information a few weeks ago we have to change our server password.

Do you know anything about that?.


I want to connect my Visual Studio 2005 project to source safe. When I opn Microsoft Visual Source from Start->Programs then it shows that I am connected to Visual Source Safe. From Visual Source User Interface I can check out and check in but I cannot connect my project using Visual Studio. We are accesssing Visual Source safe using LAN and not through Internet.
  I get following error message:
  Source Safe Web Service cannot be accessed at specified address.
The Server Returned following error:A connection with the server could not be establised(0X80072EFD)
  the plug in advanced Settings for Source Safe Internet requires SSL connections.Please verify that your server can be accessed using secure connections or change your plug in advanced settings.
    How can I solve this problem and connect to source safe using Visual Studio
I have just taken over a development team who have Visual Source Safe as their version control mechanism.  The problem is they don't seem to use it, and don't seem to understand it.  Does anyone know of any good Visual Source Safe Trainers in Sydney Australia that could come out and teach us a few tips and tricks?  Or any other sort of training material?  Tutorials, videos etc?


I have a project in Visual Source Safe, and when i get all project to my visual studio solution, lots of the bin files (that are in bin folder) are not included in my solution. This bin files are .DLL.

I am using visual source safe 8, and visual studio 2003. The language is ASP.






We are currently using Visual studio 2008 and VSS 2005.

We have a Loadbalancing server running where users use Visual studio, VSS client and other apps off an application server.

Currently The Working folder is set to the the D drive of the Application Server.

Is there any way to have this folder central, so If we introduce more application servers with visualstudio and vss client the working folder is that of the other server.


Any help will be appreciated,









Could you tell me how to install and use Visual Source Safe.....

I have Project Source  and VSS  in System A . I Suggested my developer to use project Source in System A and developer have their own login ID and password. Developer are facing problem, If any one save their modification in the System it reflect's to all the user and even error also reflect to all the user. So Could you tell how to over come this....


 I am using Visual Studio 2008 professional edition. I went into

Tools->Options->Source Control , but couldn't see any source control there.

Is VSS a default plug-in with VS 2008 ? (or) I need to purchase client license for that ?

 please share me the link on that stuff.

Thanks in advance,

Hi, I have SQL 2005 SP3, Visual Studio 2005 8.0.50727.42 Team Database Professional Edition, .NET framework 2.0.50727, Visual SourceSafe 8.0.50727.42


I want to integrate SQL Server Management Studio 2005 to Visual SourceSafe. I read few forum/articles and the way developer do is create new DB project in VS and add that solution into VSS. But what I am looking for is how can I checkin/checkout SQL Store Procedure through SQL Server Management Studio not Visual Studio.


Any one has step-by-step guideline how to do integration between this too? Pls as I wrote, I want to do version control through SSMS but not through Visual Studio. Any help. Thank you.



I am using the visual soure safe and when in add pdf to the source safe it works but as soon as in check in and try to open the pdf file it gives me the error " The file is either damage or corrupt".

Please can any one tell wht is the problem and how to resolve this problem of PDF.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Team,

Can anybody give me the link to download Visual Source safe 2005.




I'm trying to use Visual Source Safe 6.0D for source control for Access 2010. I've downloaded and installed the add-in for Access 2010 that adds the Source Control tab to the ribbon, and I have added a project for the database to Source Safe. Now the silliest of all questions: How do I now staart adding forms, queries, reports, modules, macros, pages, and tables to that project. Check in is grayed out and never highlighted, no matter what I do.



Any ideas with this error?

Warning: The folder at path $/VSS_Migration/BuildProcessTemplates exists at the
destination.  If path $/BuildProcessTemplates exists in the VSS database, you wi
ll experience problems.


There is not a clear category on the site where to post this, so giving it a shot here.

Has anyone used VS 2008?  I current user Turtoise for some projects, and Source Gear Valut for others. 

The company where I work is thinking about moving to VSS because of the MSDN subscription.

My experience with VSS prior to VSS 2005 was that it conied the name "Visual Source Unsafe" and I know first hand that it trashed my work more that once and I stopped using it.  Source Gear Valut on the other hand is rock solid.

So is VSS 2008 Really "safe"  was VSS 2005 "safe" ?




Hi ,

I have added new web page to my project and check in the file to the source safe. My working folder in my PC already got the new added file. The problem is when I try to get latest my new added file was missing from my project. I don’t know why. I check thru my working folder the new added is there and also in source safe db. Can someone advice me...Thanks.

we have visual stuido 2008 sp1. we've decided to work on project as team.

1. for this i've installed vss 2005 and update for 2008 on the server and config vs 2008 to enable source control, then create a sample project to work with as team.
2. then create a new user (both in windows and source safe) and database and share it on the network (give permissonfull  on our sample db to new user).
3. now, in client1, open vs 2008 and select project from source safe and click on Add SourceSafe database to connect to our sample db on the server and follow some steps.
4. all of above steps has been successfully completed, but in this step, when i click on database, it display login dialog to enter my username and password. when i enter the username and password for that user which created in step 2, it display this warning :

Visual SourceSafe Login
Access to file system denied. Please check if you have write permission to the database folder.

only when i give full permisson on database to everyOne it works fine and when i deny full permisson from everyOne, the above warning display me, wheras i give full permisson to my user.
where is my problem and how to work-around this problem ?

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