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Create dashboard using sharepoint list.

Hi everyone,
I'm testing sharepoint 2010 and like all the new features but mostly interested in BI Dashboard.
We are using web based infopath form that the users fills out and save in sharepoint. In MOSS 2007 we are using third party charts that represents the data logged in the list that contains infopath forms.
I've tested sharepoint2010 chart web parts with the list and it works fine but because infopath forms collects so much data we want to use drill down charts. I've started using PerformancePoint Dashboard designer but as you know it only allows to create chart for Analysis services.
so my questions are:
1. Is there a way to create drill down charts using list as a data source?
2. Is there a way to export data from list to analysis services? (This needs to be automatic task)
3. Are there any third party tools that I could use to create drill down charts in sharepoint2010?

Thank you


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Answer 1

1. Is there a way to create drill down charts using list  as a data source?

you can look at the chart web part in sharepoint  2010. you can also look at building a master-detail style web part.  check out Using Web Part Connections to build a Master/Detail View.



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