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How to create ribbon in excel vsto

Hi All,

Can any one guide me how can i create ribbon in excel VSTO?

Thanks & Regards,

Gaurav Jain


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Answer 1

Hi Gaurav,

Lots of information on MSDN forum. You can both create  that using ribbon  Designer or Ribbon XML.
Walkthrough: Creating a Custom Tab by using the Ribbon Designer.

Walkthrough: Creating a Custom Tab by using the Ribbon XML.

Also Ribbon Overview

Furthermore, we can only using ribbon for Office 2007 and Office 2010. Hope they will be helpful. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Amy Li

Answer 2

Hi Gaurav,

I'm writing to check the status of the thread. Could you please tell me if you have solved the problem?

Best Regards,
Amy Li

Answer 3

Hi Amy Li,

Thanks for your reply.

I want your help.I am creating a excel Addin in Excel2007+VSTO 2008.

I created setup using windows installer,But i am not able to install it for all users.

can u guide me how can i deploy a excel addin to all users in a client machine.

please provide me with screen shots.It's very urgent.

Thanks in advance.

Gaurav Jain


Answer 4

Hi Gaurav,

Sorry, I'm not good at deployment. I think you can post a new thread so that more community members
could offer their helps.

Best Regards,
Amy Li


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