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CreateImageFromFile() not able to load other images

I am trying to load jpg images using IImageFactory, using the sample code provided under the name Imaging.

I am using Visual C++ platform.

But the problem is that i am unable to load images other than flower.jpg.

I even copied other images to the Imaging folder and tried to load them but it did not work.

i tried "\\program files\\imaging\\flower2.jpg"

When i set the path for other images again it is not able to load.

eg:"C:\\Documents and Settings\\asd\\Desktop\\paper.jpg"



    // Create the imaging factory.
    if (SUCCEEDED(CoCreateInstance (CLSID_ImagingFactory,
                                    (void **)&pImgFactory)))
        // Load the image from the JPG file.
        if (SUCCEEDED(pImgFactory->CreateImageFromFile(

                      // TEXT("\\program files\\imaging\\flower.jpg"),

                       TEXT("C:\\Documents and Settings\\asd\\Desktop\\paper.jpg"), &pImage)))
            // Draw the image.
            pImage->Draw(hdc, &rc2, NULL);


Please help to solve this issue.



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Answer 1

The path  TEXT("C:\\Documents and Settings\\asd\\Desktop\\paper.jpg") is invalid if you have used on Pocket PC. What do you mean Imaging folder, is it on Pocket PC?


Answer 2

Smart device does not support drive letters (such as C: or D:); In addition, you cannot access files on the desktop from device directly. Please read the following FAQ:

There are no relative paths or driver letters in Windows Mobile/CE


Answer 3

Thanks for the reply.

I got my mistake. I was trying to access a file  that was not in the mobile emulator.

Now i am using WMDC to load  files in the emulator device and then using it in my code.



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