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Creating records for custom entities in c#

Hi there,

I am new to Dynamics CRM, and am currently trying to create a record for a custom entity called "Project". I have created the custom entity within CRM and have published the customizations. I am now trying to use C# to create a single record for the custom entity. I know I need to use a DynamicEntity, but I'm not sure how to use it. Could somebody point me in the right direction?


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Answer 2

Thanks for your reply,

What I don't understand in the first example is the line:

contactEntity.Name = EntityName.contact.ToString();

In my case, I assume it would be projectEntity.Name = EntityName.project.ToString();

but this cannot work since Visual Studio doesn't show me the "project" option in intellisense. How can I make it so Visual Studio knows of the existence of my custom  entities?

Answer 3

If you are not using plugin, and If you refresh the MS CRM Webreference then you will get EntityName.project.ToString()

or otherwise you can use this.
projectEntity.Name = "project"; // it is just a string

please the above is the schema name of your entity  so it could be new_project (just make sure the schema name is correct) but defnitately it will not be project.

so your code will look like this (where new_project could be the schema name of your entity).
projectEntity.Name = "new_project";

Answer 4

Hi roscoe,

Are you sure you need a dynamic entity? Dynamic entities  are mainly used when you need to specify the entity  type at runtime.

You will need to update your web reference (rclick web reference > update) in your C# project  for this entity to become available through the web service.

Depending on your customization prefix ('new' being standard), your entity will be something like 'new_project'. The rest is identical to that of an existing entity.


Karlo Swart - http://www.ver206.com

Answer 5


Have you found way to resolve it?


using Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Proxy;

I have added a referece to these dll's in my VS project  but then using them will not show me my custom  entities which I have created  within CRM. So, I added a web reference to my project so that i can create  new records  in my custom entities.

Basically I am creating  a new record  in one of my custom entity  "new_accountchangehistory" to capture the change in "accountnumber" from account, whenever someone updates the accountnumber (from PostImage) I am inserting a new record in this custom enetity. My dll is registered to run on update of the account. For the first time whenever i update the accountnumber it captures and creates a record in my custom enetity but for my next update it does not create a record, instead it generate an exception.

Does any one has any idea why is that happening?

Is there anyway to create/update records in custom entity without having web reference?


Answer 6

Hi Rosco,

You need to add a web reference to your project.

Right click on the Reference in solution explorer in visual studio then select add web reference. You need to type this in the pop-up window


give it a name. Make sure you have made the referece in your code to this web service.

Good luck.


Answer 7

Just update the CrmSdk web reference, that's it.




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