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Customizing the layout / style of a Document Library Web Part

Hi all,

I've searched for quite a while now and I can't find a solution.

What I'm looking to do is customize the appearance of a Document Library Web Part.  Applying styles to the Web Part with CSS is no bother (and is quite frankly easy).  What I'm looking to do is change the layout more than anything.  I don't want it parsed as a table, but rather in a custom layout (with DIVs and such) that allows me to basically say "insert <document title> here".

Best to lead with an example: http://www.healthyrespect.co.uk/downloads-and-campaigns/resources-for-young-people.htm

Could I replicate the functionality on that page with a Document Library Web Part?  Having the title of the document appear in a <h#> tag (with a link to the document) along with a description field.

I'm happy to dive into Visual Studio if someone can point me in the right direction.


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