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DataGridView Default Error Dialog exception.


When I add a new row, and then do bindingsource.rejectchanges(), for some reason I get this strange exception. The exception is not in a regular dialoge box, but a different one.  It says the following.

The following exception occured in teh DataGridView:

System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index 28278 does not have a value.

at System.Windows.Forms.CurrencyManager.get_Item(Int32 Index)


System.Windows.Forms.DataGridView.DataGridViewDataConnection.GetError(Int32 RowIndex)

Any idea what could be causing it?


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Answer 1

The following fixed teh  problem.

clientsDataGridView1.DataSource =



this.clientsDataGridView1.DataSource = this.clientsBindingSource;



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