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How to delete the default columns from the Calendar List in sharepoint?


I want to hide or delete some default columns(location, start time, end time,All Day Even,Recurrence,Workspace) from the calendar list.

Any help appriciated...


Srikanth Reddy


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Answer 1

You will have to customize the events list  in sharepoint  designer.

Once you open the list forms (like viewform.aspx, dispform.aspx etc) in SharePoint designer, you can hide  these fields.


Answer 2


You can modify the view in which you want to disable the 'All day  event' field.

You can do it with the following steps.

1.Choose the view you want to modify from the views dropdownlist in the toolbar.

2.After the view is displayed you select the 'Modify the view' from the same dropdownlist.

3.Uncheck the 'All day event' field in the columns  section and clcik the 'OK' button.



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