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how to display hindi fonts properly windows form

i have followed this tutorial and was trying to bring up some info in hindi on my windows form ...


i have set the font as mangal and am using translate.google.com to get the data

i stored this in the .resx file ..

but when i am trying to display it in the form the data is somewhat mismanaged i.e.character ? (chhoti 'i') occurs after the character when it should come before it. also some other characters are not rendered properly ...

how do i go about it ? am i doing something wrong here ?

do i need to install some additional fonts to see this in the proper format ..


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Answer 1

couldnt reproduce. Can you upload a sample project on skydrive.live.com ? [ your forum account works there too, its free]

I did in Marathi and it works quite well.. Need to find Hindi localization pack..




Answer 2

hey omie , 

thats great u have got somethin looking quite ok in marathi ....

i was actually worried whether its possible or not but seeing ur output , i believe its possible in hindi  too ..

well i wil try to describe the prob ....(will upload the project soon ..)

character ? (chhoti 'i') occurs  after the character  when it should come before it.

so in ur example pahili has a chhoti i before 'h" but in my case the choti 'i' occurs after 'h' ..

may be now u cud have got the problem  i am facing ..may be if u cud describe me the steps u did in for marathi i can replicate the same to work for in hindi ....



Answer 3

hi ,

any ideas anyone ??

i have been waiting for a reply ..solution to this ??


Answer 4

The lik containing the Error that i was describing ..hope now i get some help from this forum ...




Answer 5

Hindi Keyboard is different to that of English Keyboard. I think you are having problem due to this. So you might have to type according to Hindi keyboard to get correct result.

Below link contains image for Hindi Keyboard.


Hope this solve your problem.


Gaurav Khanna

Answer 6

There is perfectly no issue with the input ...

the input is all right ... i copied the text from translate.google.com  when i paste it also i can see the proper form  only when i build and run my solution the output gets bungled !!!!


I have installed the fonts  and have even tried typing in word and copying it  in the .resx files in the project ..but at runtime ..everything becomes improper ...

i have the following settings for my form

localization= true

language = hindi(india)

Font - i have tried setting mangal , Raghu8 but none to the success !!!

any other tips ??



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