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How to display the subreport in main report in RDLC local module

I build a main report, and subreport, both of them work fine seperately, now i want to display the subreport in main report using subreport control in toolbox window. However there exist a error in the main report when view via browser, which means the subreport doesn't work. Could anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.



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Answer 2

Error: Subreport could not be shown.

Answer 3

Could anyone give me the rigth direction and relevant code in code-behind to utilize the subreport  in main  report in RDLC local  module report? Thanks.

Answer 4

From the link that BernieHunt already gave you, three possible reason:

ReportViewer could not find the .rdlc corresponding to the subreport. One or parameters expected by the subreport  were not passed by the main  report. Data for the subreport was not supplied. (Did you forget to handle the SubreportProcessing event?)

Yours is likely reason #3. If you don't supply the data for the subreport in SubreportProcessing event (sample code provided), then you'll get this error.



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