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How to display/calculate total of a custom column in dataview webpart's grouping header


I've created a dataview from a MOSS2007 form library. In the dataview, I've enabled grouping by a specific column and also was able to show the total (sum) of couple of columns like this, in the group heading:

<xsl:value-of select=”sum($nodeset/@Total_x0020_Cost)” />

So far, it's working fine. I've added couple more columns to this dataview. There's a piece of javascript code that is executed for each row. These 2 columns gets their value from this javascript. Now, is there anyway, I can get the total/sum of these columns in the group heading.

Have you done something like this? Please advise.




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Hi Pman,


Thanks to share your problem.


Do you mean that you have added  two columns  so you want to refresh the total  number of the columns?


If yes, I think the following links would properly give you a hand:






Best Regards!






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