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displaying error message - Telerik MVC grid - AJAX mode

I want a common solution for handling error messages ON telerik mvc grid in ajax inline and popup edit modes. I am not talking about error messages that are related to single input field. These are business error messages that come back to grid from DB upon clicking grid edit or insert buttons. I want to dispaly error message and not loose data in input fields, bcaz in some cases we are talking about more than 20 fields.

1) I want to know the best way to handle error messges received from backend while using telerik mvc grid.

2) Is it possbile to display error message in a message dialog box?


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in addition of Nai-Dong Jin - MSFT

2) Is it possbile to display error  message in a message  dialog box?

<% if (!ModelState.IsValid){%>

window.alert('<% = Html.ValidationSummary(true) %>'); // maybe parse a little and do not retrieve the html tags

<% }%>



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