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I don't think I have see a more negative review than this one...what a load of ...


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Apparently the author was formerly the Executive Editor at Macworld. Here's one of many rebuttal articles: http://blog.markarteaga.com/WillWindowsPhone7Succeed.aspx


Ginny Caughey
Device Application Development MVP

Answer 2

Glad to see that article from Mark.



Answer 3

These are same people who forgot to mention that MS was blamed for copying Mac UI way back. And then MAC lost to Windows big time. I see the same trend. Appleā€™s closed box mentality continues and they are going to see the same fate as MAC with iPhone as well. It will be either Droid or Win7 phone that may make it happen.
"Joel Faigan" wrote in message news:6277ef00-d211-4887-8d3f-3e54393b16d4...

Glad to see that article from Mark.



Answer 4

Here is another one http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2010/jul/16/windows-phone-7-disaster-claim. References same article and piles more on.

Answer 5

Well, fortunately, Paul Thurrot disagrees, calls the integration with live services and the experience amazing in the windows weekly twit podcast: http://twit.tv/ww165




Answer 7

Hey Joel,

What does it tell you when someone is so motivated to discredit other peoples work that they are willing to spend substantial portions of their time to counter the good efforts of other people.

It's an open book to me.

Why would you bother putting the effort in if you were not worried about the consequences of them succeeding. You just wouldn't if they were a non factor...

Competition is a reality on any worthwhile playing field. Let's get used to it.


Answer 8

Hey Trees,

I feel good about Phone 7 and I think it really has a chance...it's just that when people who don't know anything about it read this article...it is just so biased and one sided that it makes MSofts Marketing job all that much more difficult...and for no good reason at all.




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