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Error while publishing an InfoPath form to a SharePoint Server Library


After enabling Forms Authentication in my Sharepoint 2007, I’m successfully login and access my pages in that site. When I try to publish my InfoPath form from InfoPath 2007, it throws an error

"The following web server does not appear to be running windows sharepoint services <site name with port number>"

When I use the Windows Authentication, I’m able to publish the same InfoPath 2007 form.

Is it possible to publish an InfoPath 2007 form to a Sharepoint server library with Forms Authentication enabled?

Thanks in advance,


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Answer 1

I am not sure, but I would extend the web application to another site, that uses regular authentication  and use that site to publish the form.

Answer 2

Hi Ishai Sagi,

           Thanks for your reply.

            It works fine with regular authenntication, i'm able to publish the infopath  form. But my problem is, I want to publish that form  to a site, which uses "Forms authentication". Is this possible?




Answer 3


you misunderstood me.

There is an option in sharepoint  that is called "extending a web application". this enables you to create another web application, using normal authentication, but pointing to the same database.

So if you publish the form  to that application, it will get published to the form-authenticated application as well.

Look for that option under "application" in central admin.


Answer 4

Hi Ishai Sagi,

            I've extended the application and published my form  to that newly created (with default authentication) site's Library. I can see the published form template in the extended application, it works fine. but, when i open the forms  authentication site (first site) i can see the library  link in the quick start but the template(published InfoPath form) is not there.

I also tried publishing  the form as site content type. but that works fine with the default authentication  site(extended site), but not for the forms authentication site.




Answer 5

Hi Zabi,

I have also tried same approach of publishing  to a extended site and when I login to form  based authentication  site I can't able to find my template. If you have solved the problem, please help me.


Answer 6


We too are encountering similar issues with deployment of InfoPath2007 forms  to a site with custom authentication  (FBA).

1) We have 2 zones (NTLM and FBA). When we deploy to the NTLM zone, the deployment goes through with no problems.

    However, when we change zones and try to get to the same Forms Library, the "New" button in the SharePoint List does

   not give us the "New Document" option at all in the Forms zone. This works just fine in the NTLM zone.

2) When trying to deploy to the FBA zone directly from InfoPath2007, we get the error:

     "The following site does not appear to have Windows SharePoint Services running". We have even tried signing on

      and clicking on the "Remember Me" checkbox, before trying to deploy as a few posts have indicated, to no avail.

Could anyone who has successfully been able to deploy and use InfoPath2007 forms on a FBA SharePoint site give

us pointers?




Answer 7

Hello again,

I'm replying to my own message, based on a talk we had with an InfoPath Rep in Microsoft this morning.

 1) The issue of the "New Document" button not being available in a Forms library  in a Site with FBA \

     is solved by enabling  "Client Integration" in SharePoint Central Administration for the zone of interest.

       a)   Central Administration | Application Management | Authentication Providers .

       b) Pick the application and the zone of interest and then on Enable Client Integration, set the radio option to YES.

  NOTE: Enabling Client Integration in a site with Forms Based Authentication WILL CAUSE interference with other

   Office products. (Example: We have seen that trying to access office documents in a doc library will not open the

   documents with this option turned on).. THIS IS A KNOWN ISSUE TO MICROSOFT. We do not know if they are

   working on it in a Service Pack release or not, and have started the process of contacting them regarding this issue.

2) Once again, deployment or publishing  of InfoPath Forms to a SharePoint FBA zone is not possible and this is also

    a known issue. The current workaround to publish a form  is to extend the SharePoint App to create an NTLM zone, and

    then deploy the form to that zone.


I hope this resolves some issues for now.




Answer 8

Has anyone resolved this issue or had any information from Microsoft? We are facing the same problem..




Answer 9

I have the same problem when I try to publish an InfoPath form  to a SharePoint web application on a different port. I use NTLM on both so that does not seem to be the cause,




Answer 10

Has anyone got forms  working in original and extended web applications?

If I save the form  to disk, and examine the xml, they contain a link (absolute url) to the form template.  I can see this would be an issue as extended web apps have different urls. 




Answer 11

Set this option to ON at Central Administration > Application Management > Authentication Providers >

Client Integration
Disabling client integration will remove features which launch client applications. Some authentication  mechanisms (such as Forms) don't work well with client applications. In this configuration, users will have to work on documents locally and upload their changes.
Enable Client Integration?

Answer 12


Answer 13

Hi Rajiv,

Thanks a lot for the solution.
I got the success to to do it.

Answer 14

Thanks Rajiv for the detailed explanation.

Answer 15

I noticed this is still marked as unanswered. Is anyone still having a problem with this issue? We are successfully using InfoPath in this scenario if anyone still has not got it working.



Answer 16

I noticed this is still marked as unanswered.

I just marked it.

Bit late but better than never.




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