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Error while publishing an InfoPath form to a SharePoint Server Library


After enabling Forms Authentication in my Sharepoint 2007, I’m successfully login and access my pages in that site. When I try to publish my InfoPath form from InfoPath 2007, it throws an error

"The following web server does not appear to be running windows sharepoint services <site name with port number>"

When I use the Windows Authentication, I’m able to publish the same InfoPath 2007 form.

Is it possible to publish an InfoPath 2007 form to a Sharepoint server library with Forms Authentication enabled?

Thanks in advance,


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Answer 1

I am not sure, but I would extend the web application to another site, that uses regular authentication  and use that site to publish the form.

Answer 2

Hi Ishai Sagi,

           Thanks for your reply.

            It works fine with regular authenntication, i'm able to publish the infopath  form. But my problem is, I want to publish that form  to a site, which uses "Forms authentication". Is this possible?




Answer 3


you misunderstood me.

There is an option in sharepoint  that is called "extending a web application". this enables you to create another web application, using normal authentication, but pointing to the same database.

So if you publish the form  to that application, it will get published to the form-authenticated application as well.

Look for that option under "application" in central admin.


Answer 4

Hi Ishai Sagi,

            I've extended the application and published my form  to that newly created (with default authentication) site's Library. I can see the published form template in the extended application, it works fine. but, when i open the forms  authentication site (first site) i can see the library  link in the quick start but the template(published InfoPath form) is not there.

I also tried publishing  the form as site content type. but that works fine with the default authentication  site(extended site), but not for the forms authentication site.




Answer 5

Hi Zabi,

I have also tried same approach of publishing  to a extended site and when I login to form  based authentication  site I can't able to find my template. If you have solved the problem, please help me.


Answer 6


We too are encountering similar issues with deployment of InfoPath2007 forms  to a site with custom authentication  (FBA).

1) We have 2 zones (NTLM and FBA). When we deploy to the NTLM zone, the deployment goes through with no problems.

    However, when we change zones and try to get to the same Forms Library, the "New" button in the SharePoint List does

   not give us the "New Document" option at all in the Forms zone. This works just fine in the NTLM zone.

2) When trying to deploy to the FBA zone directly from InfoPath2007, we get the error:

     "The following site does not appear to have Windows SharePoint Services running". We have even tried signing on

      and clicking on the "Remember Me" checkbox, before trying to deploy as a few posts have indicated, to no avail.

Could anyone who has successfully been able to deploy and use InfoPath2007 forms on a FBA SharePoint site give

us pointers?




Answer 7

Hello again,

I'm replying to my own message, based on a talk we had with an InfoPath Rep in Microsoft this morning.

 1) The issue of the "New Document" button not being available in a Forms library  in a Site with FBA \

     is solved by enabling  "Client Integration" in SharePoint Central Administration for the zone of interest.

       a)   Central Administration | Application Management | Authentication Providers .

       b) Pick the application and the zone of interest and then on Enable Client Integration, set the radio option to YES.

  NOTE: Enabling Client Integration in a site with Forms Based Authentication WILL CAUSE interference with other

   Office products. (Example: We have seen that trying to access office documents in a doc library will not open the

   documents with this option turned on).. THIS IS A KNOWN ISSUE TO MICROSOFT. We do not know if they are

   working on it in a Service Pack release or not, and have started the process of contacting them regarding this issue.

2) Once again, deployment or publishing  of InfoPath Forms to a SharePoint FBA zone is not possible and this is also

    a known issue. The current workaround to publish a form  is to extend the SharePoint App to create an NTLM zone, and

    then deploy the form to that zone.


I hope this resolves some issues for now.




Answer 8

Has anyone resolved this issue or had any information from Microsoft? We are facing the same problem..




Answer 9

I have the same problem when I try to publish an InfoPath form  to a SharePoint web application on a different port. I use NTLM on both so that does not seem to be the cause,




Answer 10

Has anyone got forms  working in original and extended web applications?

If I save the form  to disk, and examine the xml, they contain a link (absolute url) to the form template.  I can see this would be an issue as extended web apps have different urls. 




Answer 11

Set this option to ON at Central Administration > Application Management > Authentication Providers >

Client Integration
Disabling client integration will remove features which launch client applications. Some authentication  mechanisms (such as Forms) don't work well with client applications. In this configuration, users will have to work on documents locally and upload their changes.
Enable Client Integration?

Answer 12


Answer 13

Hi Rajiv,

Thanks a lot for the solution.
I got the success to to do it.

Answer 14

Thanks Rajiv for the detailed explanation.

Answer 15

I noticed this is still marked as unanswered. Is anyone still having a problem with this issue? We are successfully using InfoPath in this scenario if anyone still has not got it working.



Answer 16

I noticed this is still marked as unanswered.

I just marked it.

Bit late but better than never.




2010 Books: SPF 2010; SPS 2010; SPD 2010; InfoPath 2010; Workflow etc.
2007 Books: WSS 3.0; MOSS 2007; SPD 2007; InfoPath 2007; PerformancePoint; SSRS; Workflow
Both lists also include books in French; German; Spanish with even more languages in the 2007 list.


hi everyone,


i have created one infopath form2007 and when i am trying to publish it to sharepoint site its giving me error saying that " cannot find the site or make sure you have the right permission". i have checked with all settings in central admin everything related to form services are activated. i have done full trust settings in infopath ,i have logged in as administratot onlyalso, but still unable to publish. i searched in net i followed all the steps and everything still my problem is not solved. kindly send me the solution. from past one week i am struggling with this problem.


thanks & regards,




What did I miss?

I just did the following steps to publish an Infopath 2010 form to a SharePoint 2010 forms library.


1) Installed SharePoint 2010 Server Enterprise

2) Created my first top-level site

3) In Central Admin opened Configure Infopath Form Services and  checked "allow users to browser-enable form templates"

4) Created a forms library in the top-level site

5)  Checked the Advanced settings of the forms library to ensure that Forms would open in a browser

6) Designed an InfoPath 2010  form using the "SharePoint Form Library" template

7) Saved the form and chose the option to publish to a SharePoint Library

8) When prompted, entered the url for my top-level SharePoint site that contains the form library


Then I received the error "The following url is not valid".  The url is valid when copied into a browser takes me to my top level site.

I have site collection admin permissions.

Not sure what is happening - can anyone please help?


Thanks in advance!



I have been working this issue for 2 days now.  This has happened to me in the past and I was able to work through it.  It doesn't appear that this time I am going to be so lucky.

Issue Description:

When publishing an InfoPath form a new column is created that has the same name as the correct one, but a new GUID is created.

Troubleshooting steps:

I have read this article:



This was the solution the last time I had this problem.  However, no matter what I do, it is not working now.  I have a column named User Name which is the username of the person that submitted the InfoPath form for use with my Visual Studio workflow.  When the workflow kicks off, it reads this column and attempts to get the value.  The value is blank because a new column with the name User Name now exists and that is where the value is stored.  I attempted to fix it by remapping the GUIDs as described in the article.  I also reverted the code to a previous version from TFS.  None of these worked.


I now have 3 columns called User Name and I can remap the GUID to the second column and third column.  But when I try to map it to the first column (the one I need) it doesn't work.

The first column that is circled is the correct column.  The top record was from a previous version that worked correctly.  The second one is the newly created column where all of the new values are being submitted to.  The third one (right) is the newest iteration of the column.  Using the GUID of each of the 3 columns, you can see i my tests that I was able to submit to the second and third, but using the first GUID causes the field to be blank.  :(

Any help with this would be appreciated.  My only solution is to move over 1200 forms out of the list, blast it all away and start over.  This is what I've spent 3 days trying to avoid.


I'm looking for additional troubleshooting and/or tools that I can use to fix this.  Also, how come I cannot delete the columns if they are invalid?


Thanks in advance.




Hi Everyone,

              It would be great if anyone of you answer my question.I have an info path form built in 2007 and published it to share point as a document library.My requirement is i should not allow two instance of the same Form to be opened at the same Time.I mean if you open a form from Share point and If you try to open the next one without closing the previous Form,it should give an alert to user saying that the "Form is already Opened".

I tried like having a Boolean variable which is by default false.If i try to open for the 1st time it should make it as true and for the next time if we refer to that variable and make an alert.But it dint work.Please let me know by anyway i can do this task.Your help will be greatly appreciated!!!!







Want to know how to Get or Set the Version for the new/existing InfoPath Form 2007 in the SharePoint Form Library.  Actually I am submitting InfoPath Form to SharePoint Form Libraries on the fly.  Want to set the Version of new form to 1.0 and then increment by 0.1 every time when the user edits and save the form back to the form library.  When the existing form is opened for editing, I need to get the current latest version of that form in the form library.

It is very urgent.  Any help or pointers for this requirement would be appreciated.  If anyone of you have handled such scenario in your projects, please share the code snippet with me.

Thanks for your help in advance.




Hi all,

I am MSFT in Vietnam. I created a SharePoint list using InfoPath 2010 RTM 64bit. After publishing it to SharePoint 2010 RC, I see an error message: 

Click on button "Show Details" the message is
The list schema does not match the schema of this form. Refresh the data source and publish the form again.

When I create new item based on published SharePoint list, I can see plain form not browser enabled InfoPath form.

I checked InfoPath Form Services, everything seems to be good.

What should I do to publish SharePoint list from InfoPath 2010 to SharePoint 2010 as browser enabled form?


Hi All,

When I try to publish the form onto a SharePoint Team site it throws the error:

The following URL is not valid : http://tcs037288:6543/sites/projectmanagement

I have checked the comaptibility, trust and everything looks fine. Also, I tried to upload this template from Central Admin but there it is failing with browser-compatibility errors.



Hi, I have a fairly lengthy form with lots of fields and rules that will not submit to a SharePoint (MOSS 2007) form library.

I get the following error on submit:

"Infopath cannot submit the form because it contains validation errors that are not in the current view. Errors are marked with either a red asterisk (required fields) or a red, dashed border (invalid values).

If you cannot find an error in other views, there might be a problem with the form's design."

Clicking on the "Show Details" button gives this information:

"The form contains the following errors:

Field or group: #text
Error: No exact match was found.

Field or group: #text
Error: No exact match was found."

There are not any fields or groups on my form called "text"

Interestingly, if I save the form locally (e.g. save it on my desktop instead of submitting it to the library) and then reopen it and try submitting again, it then submits to the form library successfully.

I have tried recreating the submit connection, have also tried publishing the form to a new form library and get the same errors.

I am using Infopath 2010, however the form is in Infopath Filler 2007 compatibility mode as my users were all using Infopath 2007. They have just recently been upgraded to Office 2010 including Infopath 2010 (the issue was occuring before this) but we are still experiencing this issue. I have also tried using the form in Infopath Filler compatibility mode and upgraded all the data connections to 2010 version however get the exact same error. I have also tried publishing the form to a SharePoint 2010 RTM installation but get the same error.




Months ago, I successfully setup MS Access 2007 to connect via a "link connection" with an InfoPath Forms Library on my MOSS 2007 site.  The form has nearly 200 fields on it with 154 of them being published to the SharePoint list.

The form has started to get a lot of use, and the list now has 410 entries in the list with dozens being added every day.

For some reason I cannot figure out, the list has suddenly stopped allowing MS Access to connect to it.  When I try opening the list in a DataSheet view, I get an error, "Windows Internet Explorer:  Cannot connect to the server at this time.  You can continue working with this list, but some data may not be available."  The status at the bottom left of the datasheet control says, "Unable to retrieve all data."

If I click open the right-side toolpane in the datasheet view control and click "Track this List in Access" I get the error, "Microsoft Access:  The Microsoft Access database engine encountered an error while communicating with SharePoint.  More detailed information: 'Exception of the type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.'  When I click OK on that error dialog, I get another that states, "Microsoft Access:  Microsoft Access can't open the table in Datasheet view."

Let me reiterate that this all used to work.  I've not added any additional promoted columns to the list from the form.  I don't think that it's the 400 forms, as I have lists that are far deeper and don't cause me issues.  Maybe it's all the columns combined with the rows that have somehow max'd out Access and the datagrid view control's memory allocations?

I'm using the Access 2007 as a pass-through connection between SharePoint and SQL Server, which allows me to automatically import certain sharepoint lists so I can include their data in my data warehouse for reporting.  This sudden stopping of that process has put a crimp in my reporting capabilities recently.

I've looked at bypassing Access and trying to query the SharePoint tables directly, but it doesn't look very straightforward, especially since each InfoPath form's record in the list consumes 3 records (RowOrdinal's 0,1,2) in the AllUserData table.  Additionally, I've not figured out yet how to identify the mappings of the AllUserData columns to list fields.

Any help leading me to get the Access connection working again or querying the data directly without going through Access would be very much appreciated!


Toby Hosterman


I have infopath form  called  abc.xsn which I published into sharepoint library.   The abc.xsn having a combo box whose data is populated by sharepoint list say,  slist.  I designed another form called master.xsn which is used to update the slist(sharepoint list) using the managed code.

I placed a button in the abc.xsn and choose the action (open a new form to fill out) and given the sharepoint location of the master.xsn file.  I checked it on my local machine it worked fine. 

But after I published the abc.xsn again to the document library and I open the published form and clicking the button to open the master.xsn it throws me error saying "Some rules where not applied" with Details msg as "InfoPath cannot create a new, blank form.
Access is denied."   My trust setting is DOMAIN and also I have both document placed in same sharepoint 2007 site.  My Infopath form's are NOT browser compatible.

Any help is appreciated.







I have set up a template form setup that users can fill out and then by pressing the submit button sends an email.
My current issue is, when I publish the form to sharepoint, I don't see it, I have sharepoint set to view all documents and I still don't see it.  I can get to the form by clicking the "view my form in browser" pop up after I'm done publishing it.  I would like the users to just be able to click on a link in the library, but I can't find where it was published.

Any insight on this would be great thanks.


I have a urgent requirement - Submitting InfoPath Form 2007 to SharePoint Form Libraries dynamically on the fly.   http://blogs.msdn.com/b/infopath/archive/2006/11/08/submitting-to-this-document-library.aspx

I followed the above link, able to submit new forms to the form libraries dynamically.  But when I edit the form and try to resubmit the form again to the same form library with the same file name it throws error. 

The given key was not present in the dictionary.

System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowKeyNotFoundException()
at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)
at Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Util.ReadOnlyDictionary`2.System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary<K,V>.get_Item(K key)
at TIPTemplate.FormCode.FormEvents_Loading(Object sender, LoadingEventArgs e)
at Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.SolutionLifetime.FormEventsHost.<>c__DisplayClass6.<>c__DisplayClassa.<add_Loading>b__3()
at Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Util.DocumentReliability.InvokeBusinessLogic(Thunk thunk)
at Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.SolutionLifetime.FormEventsHost.<>c__DisplayClass6.<add_Loading>b__2(Object sender, LoadingEventArgs e)
at Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.SolutionLifetime.FormEventsHost.<>c__DisplayClass34.<FireLoadingEvent>b__30()
at Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.DocumentLifetime.OMExceptionManager.CallFormCodeWithExceptionHandling(UserMessages userMessages, OMCall d)

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.
Log ID:5337

<input style="width: 0px; position: absolute; height: 0px; border: 0px; padding: 0px;" type="text" tabindex="65535" />Have anyone handled similar requirement, It would be great if you can provide me the code snippet or pointers on this.  Any help on this would be appreciated as it is very urgent.

Thanks for your help.





I have created publishing portal for extranet users and in heed to have Infopath form document library. But there is no option for creating form library but has option to create document library. Can anyone tell me how to create a form library in publishing portal.



I've created an InfoPath 2010 form and associated it with a forms library on a SharePoint site.

When I go to the library and choose "Add document" the form opens up to be filled out by the user.

When the form is filled out, and the user tries to submit, they get an error saying that I need to configure SharePoint to allow cross-domain data access for user form templates that use connection settings in a data connection file and store a UDC file in the same site collection as the form.

So I've enabled cross-domain data access and I've already created a Data Collection Library for Forms in the Site that is approved.

What am I missing?  Why am I still getting the error?



I've created an InfoPath 2010 form and associated it with a forms library on a SharePoint site.

When I go to the library and choose "Add document" the form opens up to be filled out by the user.

When the form is filled out, and the user tries to submit, they get an error saying that I need to configure SharePoint to allow cross-domain data access for user form templates that use connection settings in a data connection file and store a UDC file in the same site collection as the form.

So I've enabled cross-domain data access and I've already created a Data Collection Library for Forms in the Site that is approved.

What am I missing?  Why am I still getting the error?



How can I submit InfoPath 2010 form to SharePoint 2010 Library and submit some fields from it that are in a repeating table to SharePoint 2010 task list (which the user fill in so I can't know how many fields there will be to submit)? I know to do each one separately but I can't manage to do them both together.

Thanks in advance,



Actually, i am working in InfoPath Forms services under MOSS2007. I am publishing Infopath in a specific site (http://<serverName>:<serverport>), and after i upload the administrator form in sharePoint and activate it in a site collection.

I want to ask if there is a solution to publish infopath  with code

I have found how to activate infopath in a site collection with code .

thanks for advance.



can an infopath form be published as content type to a sharepoint services 3.0 form library?

i have created 2 form libraries. one to store the tamplate an the other to store the form itself and where you can open a new form.

but whenever i click new to open a new form i get this error message:

the element "comment" is used but not declared in the DTD/schema.

does any one know what this error could be?


I have an InfoPath 2010 form that needs to have a repeating table so when I developed it as a SharePoint Form Library.  When i attempt to publish the form to a SharePoint 2010 site i constantly get an error stating "The following URL is not valid".

I know that the URL is correct and I do have different forms on the site.  The main difference between this form and others on the site are the repeating tables, and the other forms were created as SharePoint Lists.  

Any ideas?




I have an infoPath form which has 3 web service connections to a Dynamics SQL database. The web services are supposed to pull data from athe database to display in drop down boxes on the form. This all works just fine when previewing the form from InfoPath designer. When I publish the form my SharePoint Server 2010 site and activate them to the correct forms library and open a new form to fill in I get the following error:

Access is denied.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.
Log ID:5566

Correlation ID:1dd84b2d-fef2-46e0-8b4c-ed2c72d4af51

Access is denied.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.
Log ID:5566

Correlation ID:1dd84b2d-fef2-46e0-8b4c-ed2c72d4af51

Access is denied.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.
Log ID:5566

Correlation ID:1dd84b2d-fef2-46e0-8b4c-ed2c72d4af51

An error occurred while trying to connect to a Web service.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.
Log ID:5566

Correlation ID:1dd84b2d-fef2-46e0-8b4c-ed2c72d4af51

An error occurred while trying to connect to a Web service.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.
Log ID:5566

Correlation ID:1dd84b2d-fef2-46e0-8b4c-ed2c72d4af51

To combat the double hop issue I have created a secure store service account in Central Admin and assigned it permissions. I have ensured the user is able to access the required database directly and has the correct permissions. I have also given the user permissions in Dynamics NAV. I have moved all my data connection files to central admin data connection library and enforced the use of the SSS credentials as follows:


<udc:SSO AppId='InfoPathSvcUnattendedAcc' CredentialType='ntlm'/>



But I still get an access denied error. I am not sure if it denying acess to the databse or the issue is on the SharePoint side.

The Log files have the following entries:

SQL command failed: Sproc name: dbo.proc_sss_GetApplicationInfo, Application Id: NAVAccessInfoPath, Error code: 80630005, Error message: Access is denied.

The Microsoft Secure Store Service application Secure Store Service failed to retrieve enterprise application definition information.  The error returned was: 'Access is denied.'. For more information, see the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Software Development Kit (SDK).

GetApplication failed with the following exception: System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Microsoft.Office.SecureStoreService.Server.SecureStoreServiceFault]: Access is denied. (Fault Detail is equal to Microsoft.Office.SecureStoreService.Server.SecureStoreServiceFault).

Thanks in Advance for any help received.



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