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Event Handler for Survey list is not working


I have written a event handler, but it is not getting triggered for survey type list.

Is there any specific steps need to be performed for event handler with survey list.


Thanks in advance.



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Answer 1

Can you describe how you attach your event handler please? There should not be anything special.



Answer 2

Hi jeroen,

I have attach it in following way.

1. Develop event handler solution in VS 2008.

2. The event handler class is written in following way. 

class Survey_EventItemEventReceiver : SPItemEventReceiver


Name of of survey list handled by extracting the list name using "properties.ListTitle.ToString()"  in the ItemAdding() 3. Deployed the event handler using deploy from Build menu available in VS Studio 2008.




Answer 3

Hi bdnp,

Thanks to share your problem with us.

You can also share your code with us so it will be easy to find the problem


Answer 4

And how exactly do you attach your Survey_EventItemEventReceiver to your Survey List? That's the part I'm looking for.
Feature activation? Console application? Some other way? Please elaborate




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