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How to Exactly check the SQL license?

G'day all

How can i check SQL license, if it is a DEMO or full

i used

select serverproperty('LicenseType'),serverproperty('NumLicenses')

But it does not tell exactly which license i have.

Please help


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Answer 1

Hi ,

Sql server will not track licensing information anymore through registry keys . Please check  the following MSDN article for further information .


To check wether u have a orginal copy u can check the following . Please use Installed sql  Server features dicovery report shipped with SQL Server 2008, it will list all SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 features installed on your server.

To open Installed SQL Server features dicovery report: Open Start --> All Programs --> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 --> Configuration Tools --> SQL Server Installation Center, and then click Tools page --> Installed SQL Server features dicovery report in the SQL Server Instalaltion Center.

From the below link you can find werther it is a evalution days of expiration information  ....
http://insanesql.blogspot.com/2009/01/evaluation-editiondays-remaining.html : Evaluation Edition(Days Remaining)

Thanks,Suhas V



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