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Export an Attachment out of Access 2007 table


It seems so simple and you've done it many times before perhaps but for me I can't find the solution. I have a Microsoft Access ACCDB database (from Access 2007) and want to save it (convert it) to a Microsoft Access MDB format database so it can be used by Access 2003 or earlier.

Unfortunately, when I try this in Microsoft Access 2007, this error message appears:

You cannot save this database in an earlier version format, because it uses features that require the current file format

I was able to export the data to an Access 2003 format. My problem is that I need the attachments (jpgs) to be exported on a folder but I don't know how to do it.

 I read somewhere to Delete the MsysResources Table. This will not owrk I only have ONE table with different fields and one attachment (photo) per records.

Does anyone can give the steps to export the all photos succesfully? I have 3,000 records.





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Answer 1

See if this helps:  Microsoft® Access 2007 Working with the Attachment DataType


Note: You could have them install the free Access 2007 Runtime . This way you can keep your database in the 2007 format.




Answer 2

Boyd Trimmell, is there any restrictions in Access 2007 Runtime or it has the full functionality and doesn't cause any problems while using?

Zurd0, I can only propose an algorithm: export all the images to your HDD using table primary key for files names and values of some other fields to folders names (and/or to detalize subfolders names if one "person" may have more than 1 image in your DB). This way lets you even not to keep a path to images, you can generate it through vba by 1 expression for all the images.



Answer 3


I actually run all my Access front ends in Runtime mode. Even if the full/retail version of Access is installed.

It is true that in the Runtime Version that you have to make sure that you have error handling in place to trap errors, Any  error that is not trapped will cause Access to close.  There are some UI options that are not available unless you add them back with your own custom UI.



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