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How to extract a file from a msp file


I have unintensionally damaged the file afxtoolbar.cpp in MFC src\atlmfc\mfc folder.

This file belongs to VC 2008 Feature Pack.

I tried to reinstall the Feature Pack running SPInstaller.exe to no avail.
I also tried to run VS90FP....msp file and repaired nothing.

I need the afxtoolbar.cpp from this package because otherway the debugger will complain that the file differs from a file used to bild MFC libs.

How may I get the afxtoolbar.cpp?

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Answer 1

I know I am answering this 2 years later, but I was having problems installing updates with the extention .MSP

(in Windows 7) and like you I just needed 1 file in the msp. I used the program "Universal Extractor". It  extracts most of or

all the files in the msp. It's a free program. You can search the internet for it. (It is not a Microsoft program).




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