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Fantastically annoying scroll feature

If I open a file in the VS2010 IDE that causes the solution explorer to expand a file tree, then the scroll functionality is looked to the solution explorer window, *not the editing window*.

As long as the scroll bars are not present in the solution explorer, the scroll wheel works normally in the text editor window.  If, however, a path+filename, is long enough to cause the the horizontal scroll bar to appear, in the solution explorer, the scroll wheel is locked to horizontal scroll in the solution explorer.

If I open a file, in the solution explorer, that causes a tree expansion, and consequently the vertical scroll bar to appear in the solution explorer, the scroll wheel is locked to the vertical scroll in the solution explorer.

Is there any way to turn this 'feature' off?  I mean it is bad enough that the help feature in 2010 is a throwback to 1995, but who came up with this productivity neutron bomb?


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Hi George,


Appreciate for your valuable feedback!


Based on your description, I’m not understanding which special concern would you like to consult.

As I know, I reproduced your scenario according to my understanding.

In Solution Explorer, if the contents are so long  or so width, the scroll  will be showed automatically in it. This function is sealed by this control like ListBox. If the contents are not enough for being show, the scroll will be showed automatically.


If I misunderstood you, please elaborate your question kindly.

I would recommend that you could  capture some screenshots in your reply via Skydrive.



Larcolais Gong



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