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FBA users are not coming in People Picker

Hi, all!

One more problem(

FBA users are not coming in People Picker. What I have done:

1. Set params at <PeoplePickerWildcards in web.config file.

2. Set db_owner permissions for AppPool account in provider database.

3. Set connection string, member and role providers in web.config.

But stil have a problem to search users throu people picker.

I have some users in database and can login to SP FBA site throu login page. But can't find user to add to SharePoint groups(

Please, help!


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Answer 1

All works fine in my developer server (SharePoint & SQL Server in one server), but at product server we have only SharePoint (SQL stands at other server)

Answer 2

Did you find a solution. I have the same problem even though I have added an entry in the people picker tag

Answer 3

ok Mine is working now. my problem was that the applicationname in the provider tag in the config file had a different value then the application name in the db. once I changed the config file to have the application name same as what is in the FBA db, the users showed in the people picker.

Answer 4

Mykhailo - Did you come up with a solution for your issue?

I am having the same problem.

I can log into the SP site using an FBA account, but through People Picker I cannot resolve any usernames from the aspnetdb database.




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