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Fiscal Printer Simulator

Hi, I work on application which should be connected with fiscal printer (to print fiscal receipts).

I need some kind of fiscal printer simulator (virtual fiscal printer) to test application, because I have not a “real” one.

On this web page http://www.microsoft.com/windowsembedded/en-us/products/readyproducts/posready/overview.mspx I find this: “Device Simulators
The SDK includes a number of device simulators that allow application developers to develop and test their applications without the physical peripheral in hand during integration testing.


My question is: CAN I USE THAT SIMULATORS IN PURPOSE OF TESTING SOFTWARE WHICH IS NOT EMBEDDED IN DEVICE? If answer is yes please give me some directions about usage of fiscal printer simulator.

If you know-recommend some fiscal printer simulator please post.

Thanks for understanding


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Answer 1

I am not aware of any device  simulators for fiscal  printers, but I do understand the value of simulators in general.  We will consider this a suggestion for future releases of POS for .NET.

Terry Warwick


Answer 2

One thing to note about Fiscal Printer Simulators is that they could present a legal issue in some jurisdictions due to governments forbiding simulators for these devices.  Governments who mandate Fiscal Printers often guard the algorithms used by these devices quite closely. 

Terry Warwick


Answer 3

It is important to specify the country because fiscal device regulations and requirement are very different in each country. It is not possible to make "unversal" FP simulator or it will have too many options and settings for configuration.



I am trying to write a code to print using Receipt Printer, but i don't have any receipt printer now.

so i wonder if there any simulator of any POS Receipt Printer that can i use to test the code on it.

When can we expect fix or quick work around for this, Is this available in Office 2010 ?
how to code in visual basic  to take printout of a text file in visual basic using dot matric printer and hp laser printers

hi i m using this this coding to copy and print the word document


System.IO.File.Copy(Application.StartupPath &
"\PrintT.doc", Application.StartupPath & "\PrintT1.doc", True) 

Dim line1 As String 

Dim line2 As String

line1 = "Line1 Replace" 

line2 = "Line2 Replace"

Dim objWordApp As New Word.Application 
objWordApp.Visible = True

'Open an existing document. 

Dim objDoc As Word.Document = objWordApp.Documents.Open(Application.StartupPath & "\PrintT1.doc") 

objDoc = objWordApp.ActiveDocument

'Find and replace some text 

'Replace 'VB' with 'Visual Basic' 

objDoc.Content.Find.Execute(FindText:="Line1",ReplaceWith:=line1, Replace:=Word.WdReplace.wdReplaceAll) 

objDoc.Content.Find.Execute(FindText:="Line2", ReplaceWith:=line2, Replace:=Word.WdReplace.wdReplaceAll)
objDoc.Content.Find.Execute(FindText:="Line3", ReplaceWith:="Line3 Replace", Replace:=Word.WdReplace.wdReplaceAll) 


'Save and close the document 



objDoc.PrintOut(True, True) 


objDoc = Nothing


objWordApp = Nothing

now i need to print the Word Document with Printer Default Font(Draft 17.5 CPI) in Dot Matricx Printer

Hi !

I try to silently install a USB Printer using WMI and I encounter an ennoying issue : 
Everything is done well (USB connection event interception, disabling Windows New hardware installation wizard through registry key, driver and printer installation via WMI). 
But when I shutdown the printer and restart it, it is redetected by windows and the New hardware installation wizard is launched.
We have tried installing the printer with addprinter api and also Printer installation wizard in silent mode but it leads to the same issue.

We made a little application that demonstrate this. You can download it at WpfPrinterTest.
Here is an extract of this code, regarding WMI Printer installation :

	connectionOptions = new ConnectionOptions();
	connectionOptions.EnablePrivileges = true;
	managementPath = new ManagementPath("Win32_Printer");
	managementScope = new ManagementScope("\\root\\CIMV2", connectionOptions);
	printer = new ManagementClass(managementScope, managementPath, null).CreateInstance();

	printer.SetPropertyValue("DriverName", driver);
	printer.SetPropertyValue("PortName", port);
	printer.SetPropertyValue("DeviceID", nom);
	printer.SetPropertyValue("Location", emplacement);
	printer.SetPropertyValue("Network", false);
	printer.SetPropertyValue("Shared", false);

	putOptions = new PutOptions();
	putOptions.Type = PutType.UpdateOrCreate;


Here are the steps to reproduce the problem :
1. Launch my application
2. Follow the steps in my application to detect the usb printer, install the generic/text drivers, and install the printer.
3. Restart the printer, windows detects again the printer as a new hardware.
4. If I complete the windows new hardware installation wizard, a restart of the printer doesn't display the wizard.

I think some registry keys are missing when using the WMI installation but cannot figure out which.

It would be kind if someone could help me on this issue,
Thanks in advance !

Boa tarde .

Alguem tem um exemplo para Gerar nota fiscal e Mandar imprimir?



Can someone please help me with the following query? I am looking to overwrite a date value with the first day of a fiscal year and return all the other columns. The columns are:


and lets call the table MyTable.


Fiscal year is between July the 1st and 30th June.

I've used the function described here: http://www.sqlteam.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=19568

but I need to be able to essentially include this in the query, and not create a function for it.

Thanks to all who can help.



I created an Access query which drives an excel pivot table and graph called qrySSI. The query calculates a count by month. The date field is called InfDate which I convert to a month and the count comes from a field is called InfType.  I simply do a count of SSI values in this field.  There is another field called NNIS.  The values in this field are 0,1,2,3 or null.  from July 08 (the beginning of the data) to June 2010 I would filter on this field (NNIS = 0 or 1).  However, starting in July 2010, the user wants me to use NNIS = 0 or 1 or 2 but keep the old data as is.  So basically I need to find a way to do a count of InfType = SSI where NNIS is 0 or 1 before July 2010 but then add a 2 to the criteria of NNIS starting July 2010.  Can someone help with this?  The Excel pivot table and graph that connect to this query need to be accessed each month by the user with little intervension from me.




hi Experts, 

I'm trying to build fiscal periods table. I have Calendar Dates of year 2007  in 1 table and just start Dates of Fiscal weeks in another table, can any one suggest me about building Fiscal table containing entire year using the 2 tables. 

thank you .... 



HI Experts, 

I need help in calculating Fiscal year for given Date.  My fiscal year begins on Oct 1st of every year and I also need to calculate Fiscal Day number of year, 

EX: if Date in table is 2010-10-5 then my fiscal year start date should be 2010-10-01 and in my next column I should get day of year as 5 


any help is greatly appreciated. 





Not sure if this is correct forum as it's SQL syntax specific.

Putting in new ERP system which does not hold fical period/year stamps in the transaction records, just the datetime timestamp.  There is a GL table which holds the period year and the begin and end dates.

Need to find a code snippet that I could hook into any sql statement so that I could pull the period and year from the GL table. 

Not sure how to code in sql if the timestamp of the txn is less than x but greater than y, give me the corresponding gl period and year.

Any pointers/links would be great. 



add:  this is sql server 2008, if it matters.



As the subject states, is it really impossible to change the Fiscal Year Settings once they have been set. Stupidly I set them incorrectly and meant to use a Quarterly template not the yearly one I selected.

Look forward to some answers



My team needs to run a scheduled report on every first Monday of every new fiscal month.  Unfortunately, SSRS 2008 Subscriptions scheduler doesn't really allow a lot of flexibility in this area.  To remedy this, i've been looking at the various tables in ReportServer DB but nothing is really popping out at me.  Alternatively, i'm not sure if a data-driven subscription is the way to proceed or not as I do not have experience in this area.

What is the best way to go about this?

Some givens about my environment:

 - my team is using Report Manager to deliver reports to end users (I already know not the best idea)

 - we are NOT ASP.NET or web developers and with the exception of myself most of us do not know how to build applications to in which to embedded SSRS reports.  As such, we do not know how to call the Reporting Services APIs nor how to use them.  Further, we are restricted by company rules from going this route so it is simply not an option.  All changes or development must be done in T-SQL.




I want to build a simulator for oscilloscopes that has a real look-and-feel, such as "grass".

Any ideas?


I recently installed both the SDK and the DDK.  I have the sample applications working properly.  I would like to do some testing with the simulators, but am unable to install any of the simulators using WpdSimInstaller.exe.  It always gives me a 'Failed to install selected simulator' message regardless of which I attempt to install.

Do these work on Windows 7?

I have seen a sample file containing details of aerodynamic forces & moments coefficients and derivatives http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526961.aspx Where can I find the application rules that combine various effects to get the net 6 force & moment coefficients for any configuration & operating condition of the aircraft?

In the simulator, I think the mass of a single shape entity ( ex box shape) is based on SI unit, which means it is in kg.

I have a PIONEER 3DX robot, which weigh approximately 9kg. and a box that weigh 50 kg. To my physics knowledge, the robot should not be able to push the box, or at least should not be able to push it very easily, but in the simulator, the robot easily pushes the box. Is there something wrong with the mass? or simulator? Is the mass in kg?






Hi guys,

Did anyone do such a project ? As we know, real robot vehicle is very fast but the simulator(VISSIM) is more slowly( 10 micsecond fresh in its time step). Now i am trying to pass speed or other info between simulator and real robot .

How to make it synchronization accurately ?

make simulator faster or make MSRS more slowly or other methods ?


Just a bunch of coloured filled circles that follow an elliptical path around a yellow filled circle (the sun).

Does anybody have any ideas on how to improve this? Is there a simple way to alter the draw order, so that outer-planets
appear 'outer'?

Currently, sometimes a planet with a small orbit radius can appear to be on top of planets that have a
larger orbit radius, and it looks really weird. Any ideas are appreciated.


Get it at ... http://smalbasic.com/program/?VKP168

Or enter this code into Small Basic: VKP168

Here's the source ...

'   Microtronix - Solar System Simulator for MS Small Basic v0.7
'   by Geoff Williams - 4/11/2009 - Freeware
'   This graphic demo appears in my music video "Haunted House" at www.youtube.com/zylascope
'   www.cdbaby.com/all/zylascope
'   plethora at nsw.chariot.net dot au
'   http://smalbasic.com/program/?VKP168

GraphicsWindow.Title="Microtronix - Solar System Simulator"

While (1=1)
  GraphicsWindow.DrawText((GraphicsWindow.Width/2)-30,20,numOfPlanets + " planet system.")

  'generate planets properties using random values...  
  For i=1 To numOfPlanets
    Array.setvalue ("planetRadius",i,Math.GetRandomNumber(600)+30)
    Array.setvalue("planetAngleInc",i,math.GetRandomNumber(3) + 1)

  For loops=1 To 400

      'draw the sun first before the planets are drawn so it looks like the planets are in front of the sun, when the planet size is big

      For z=1 To numOfPlanets
        'calc planet size based on angle...
        'make planet smaller if between 90-270 degrees
        If Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) > 90 And Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) < 270 Then
          planetsize = math.Round(Array.getvalue("planetSize",z) * math.Abs(Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) - 180) / 100)
          If planetsize = 0 Then
            planetsize = 1
        'make planet bigger if between 270-360 1-90 degrees'
        If Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) > 270 And Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) <= 360 Then
          planetsize = Math.Round(Array.getvalue("planetSize",z) * (1 + (Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) - 270) / 100)) '
          If planetsize = 0 Then
            planetsize = 1
        'make planet bigger if between 1-90 degrees
        If Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) > 0 And Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) <= 90 Then
          planetsize= Math.Round(Array.getvalue("planetSize",z) * (1 + (90 - Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z)) / 100))
          If planetsize = 0 Then
            planetsize = 1

        'draw planets...

        'calc new values...
        Array.setvalue("planetAngle",z,Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) + Array.getvalue("planetAngleInc",z))
        If Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) < 0 Then
          Array.setvalue("planetAngle",z,Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) + 360)
        If Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) > 360 Then
          Array.setvalue("planetAngle",z,Array.getvalue("planetAngle",z) - 360)

      'For t=1 to 5000
      'delay loop. If I use program.delay(delay) above, then the graphics don't flicker as much

      'draw a black filled rectangle over the screen area taken up by the orbiting planets, this flickers less than .Clear()



When using SurfacePopup in the simulator I get some odd behavior. The contacts disappear from the simulator, but I can still click etc. Doing an alt-tab solves the problem, the contacts gets displayed again.

I take it this is only a bug in the simulator, you don’t see the fingers/tag squares anyway on the real platform. Or is there something you have to do, to get the popup to behave properly? We don’t get the platform until after the weekend, and our project is due on Wednesday so any help would be greatly apreacheated! :)

Best regards,

Stian Farstad




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