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Fiscal Printer Simulator

Hi, I work on application which should be connected with fiscal printer (to print fiscal receipts).

I need some kind of fiscal printer simulator (virtual fiscal printer) to test application, because I have not a “real” one.

On this web page http://www.microsoft.com/windowsembedded/en-us/products/readyproducts/posready/overview.mspx I find this: “Device Simulators
The SDK includes a number of device simulators that allow application developers to develop and test their applications without the physical peripheral in hand during integration testing.


My question is: CAN I USE THAT SIMULATORS IN PURPOSE OF TESTING SOFTWARE WHICH IS NOT EMBEDDED IN DEVICE? If answer is yes please give me some directions about usage of fiscal printer simulator.

If you know-recommend some fiscal printer simulator please post.

Thanks for understanding


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Answer 1

I am not aware of any device  simulators for fiscal  printers, but I do understand the value of simulators in general.  We will consider this a suggestion for future releases of POS for .NET.

Terry Warwick


Answer 2

One thing to note about Fiscal Printer Simulators is that they could present a legal issue in some jurisdictions due to governments forbiding simulators for these devices.  Governments who mandate Fiscal Printers often guard the algorithms used by these devices quite closely. 

Terry Warwick


Answer 3

It is important to specify the country because fiscal device regulations and requirement are very different in each country. It is not possible to make "unversal" FP simulator or it will have too many options and settings for configuration.


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