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full form of dot in dot.net?

Does anyboy know the full form of dot in dot.net???

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Answer 1

Technically or logically,is there any full  form for dot  in dot.net?

Or its an interviewer self made question?


Answer 2

Interview question? Sounds like something designed to catch you off guard and induce stress. Or, as you said, something based on the interviewer's ignorance.

the term (trademark, whatever) is .NET, so dot.net is redundant. The origins are cloudy, but here is one possibility:


"Here is the story off the top of my head..but dont quote me on it.  Its been a while since I heard the story from Scott....

The story starts off with Scott stuck in Redmond over an XMas holiday a few years ago.  Scott was one of your typical web type guys stuck in a VBScript world and classic ASP. I guess he took it upon himself to first list everything that is wrong with classic ASP, and come up with a solution.  I believe that at this time Microsoft really needed an initiative to get into the Enterprise market for the Web and Server Sided development.  Now, if you can remember, at that time XML/XLST was the hottest thing on the web (there was a big jump for getting mobile sites online with WML and stuff like that).  So Scott threw ASP and XML together, and you get ASPX, or ASP/XML.  And of course we see much more of the declarative model starting to come into play a part here with that XML markup.

So a while into throwing ideas around and some prototypes the thing evolved into what you saw in some of the early beta's of "ASPX".  Back then we got the promise of being able to use any programming language (I think) within a single page itself (think of different contexts in classic ASP, just use language="fooscript"), and then it changed to the APP, and finally being able to switch languages between the actual compiled assemblies as we see today. 

He got a little bit of momentum behind the project and next thing you know its a company wide inititive.  It became much more than simple ASP and XML but an entire new framework for building enterprise class solutions.  The CLR, C#, and of course they couldnt leave the VB guys in the past so they decided to have VB.NET the next evolutionary step for those folks, etc.

The whole ".NET" name, (again, IIRC) was a complete marketing decision.  Not wanting to position themselves along side of the .COM (boom and complete failure) .NET was the final outcome."



can anyone tell what does . stands for in .NET

Why dot net name is dot name?


I have imported my database into Access 2010 from 2003.  When I click on a custom command button in my form's subform footer a command button outline (dotted line in the same shape of the command button being clicked on) appears off to the left of the row of buttons in the subform.

This did not occur previously in Access 2003.   The command buttons are for simple tasks such as record navigation, duplicate, delete, etc.  I have tried changing the properties of the subform footer: can grow, can shrink, auto height to NO without any change to the problem.  The form has all of its default navigation buttons, close, minimize, what's this button, and scroll bars disabled.

Has anyone else seen this or know of a way to prevent it?  Is this a bug in 2010?

I am using Windows XP SP3 and MS Office 2010. 




i saw printed form for Dot Matrix Printer at some software. There is ruler (mm or cm). Also there is something like labels. We can do drag drop label with mouse. Then save printed form. So we can print a page how we do printed form.

is there a 3.part component for this ? if there isnt a 3.part component for this, can you give me idea and example code to do printed form like this ?


I am working on a Migration project from VB to VB.Net.
I migrated the VB component though wizard and It automatically added this line in the class defination
"clsUtilities_NET.clsUtilities")> Public Class clsUtilities
Inherits ServicedComponent
 I build the project and put the dll in GAC and register thorugh RegAsm .
When I go to regedit and expand the 'Classes' I dont see my class there.
I removed the line <System.Runtime.InteropServices.ProgId("clsUtilities_NET.clsUtilities")> then build and GAC and regasm. 
This time my class gets registered in the registry.
What is the problem. Can I omit that line forever and will my component still run fine
As I will call this dll with a classic asp application and it has 4 more classes. and all of them should be in the registry. 
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Everyone,


I was trying to connect ADAM with dot net and trying to access some data to update.. But I couldn't figure it out how to connect it. How to do that ?


Hi All...

We have two Server 2008 machines that I THOUGHT were indentical...  We have an application that apparently uses the microsoft.vc80.mfc assembly.  This assembly appears on one server, but not the other.  Short of just copying it over from one machine to the other what's the proper method for this assembly to find it's way onto a machine.  I'd rather not just brute force copy it because these are test machines - as we deploy into the field, I'd like it to be a bit more seamless.

Many thanks...   Curt



If we  can switch ON and OFF , instrument or door of hall

Is it possible in dot net ?


I am using MS Project 2003 interop and want to dump all data from .mpp file to database.
I have created database using Microsoft MS Project 2003 script provided in setup.

Now i am getting all the values from interop object model
e.g. MSProject.Project properties like ActualStart,ActualWork etc.

I am unable to map these properties to database columns.
e.g MSP_PROJECTS table has only 69 columns and
MSProject.Project properties are around 274.

moreover i am not clear if properties are giving me all the required values as per table.

1.If above approach of extraction is right ?
2.If yes i need mapping for same.

Note: I dont want to use OLE DB, ODBC , mdb approaches for MPP extraction of data.


I have a winform application which is developed in dot net 3.5 framework.

Can we convert this application to windows mobile application?




Hi Guys..!!

I am working in Dot Net.

Plz help me how to apply for microsoft certification in dot net.

Is this possible to appear exams for Dot Net and Sharepoint

Also tel me the centres in Coimbatore.


I am Using ASP Dot Net-2.0 with SQL server-2005

in Save button i have both  condition are Insert and update condition

here like the code



BLClass objBL=new BLClass();

int Result;










Dataset ds=new Dataset();





When i do this i got Error is Null Reference was unhandeled by the user code pls give the help for this code i need to use now


i am using dot net 2005

web services :


[WebService(Namespace = "srijanrozgaar.com/")]
[WebServiceBinding(ConformsTo = WsiProfiles.BasicProfile1_1)]
public class Srijan_Hughes : System.Web.Services.WebService {

    public Srijan_Hughes () {


    [SoapDocumentMethod(ResponseElementName = "ns0:checkVLEDataResponseElement")]
       [return: XmlText("ns0:result")]
    public string checkVLEDataElement(string vleId, string srvcCharge, string serviceName,string amountToBeDeducted)
            string _status = "";
            clsHughes ObjTransDetails = new clsHughes();
            ObjTransDetails.VLEID = vleId;
            ObjTransDetails.ServiceAmt = srvcCharge;
            ObjTransDetails.ServiceName = serviceName;
            ObjTransDetails.AmountToBeDeducted = amountToBeDeducted;
            if (serviceName == "Railway-Booking")
                 _status = ObjTransDetails.HUGHESMoneyTransactionDetails();
            if (serviceName == "Railway-Cancellation")
                 _status = ObjTransDetails.HUGHES_VLE_WC_ReimbursementDetails();
            return _status;


POST /SrijanRozgaar_SVN/Srijan_Hughes.asmx HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: length
SOAPAction: "http://tempuri.org/confirmVLEDataElement"

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi="w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
    <confirmVLEDataElement xmlns="http://tempuri.org/">

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: length

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi="w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
    <ns0_x003A_confirmVLEDataResponseElement xmlns="http://tempuri.org/">

the code of : is converted in _x003A_

but i need

<ns0:confirmVLEDataResponseElement xmlns="http://tempuri.org/">



please help me


When i import data from excel it shows all the column name but one change i.e. it shows dot(.) to # at runtime in datagridview.

for example Phone no. will show as Phone No# at runtime.

please clear it

It may seem simple, but wanted to know what all a .Net framework contains. Being a new to c#, I want to know:
1. Whether the .net framework is a win32 service.
2. Is the garbage collecter "thread" is per process or per system
3. if per system, one processe manipulates the memory of other process (a violation from OS principle!)
any good web link to the internals of .net is well appriciated.



    I would like to take 70-536 exam. Is Microsoft self-paced training kit book and its cd alone is enough to get certified with 70-536 or I've have to go through any other material? if there is any can please mail me at bprathapkumar@yahoo.com.





I have never worked with files could someone help me figure out how to do this in dot net? I have already updated 90% of some code that i have 1 day to do but i dont know how to do this.  Thanks!

Open "c:\temp\import.iif" For Output As #1

        Print #1, "!TRNS" & vbTab & "TRNSTYPE" & vbTab & "DATE" & vbTab & "ACCNT" & vbTab & "AMOUNT" & vbTab & "MEMO" & vbTab & "ACCNUM"
        Print #1, "!SPL" & vbTab & "TRNSTYPE" & vbTab & "DATE" & vbTab & "ACCNT" & vbTab & "AMOUNT" & vbTab & "MEMO" & vbTab & "ACCNUM"
        Print #1, "!ENDTRNS"
        Dim strType As String = "TRNS"

        For z = 1 To X - 1
            'If Fund(z) > 9900 Then Exit For
            If Fund(z) < 1000 Then Fund(z) = "0" & Fund(z)
            If (Math.Round(Diff(z), 2) <> 0) And (Fund(z) < 9900) Then
            Print #1, strType & vbTab & "GENERAL JOURNAL" & vbTab & valDate & vbTab & _
                """" & "Investment in funds:" & FundName(z) & """" & vbTab & Diff(z) & vbTab & "Adj prelim MTM to final" & vbTab & "150" & Fund(z)
                strType = "SPL"
            Print #1, strType & vbTab & "GENERAL JOURNAL" & vbTab & valDate & vbTab & _
                """" & "Fund investment income:" & FundName(z) & """" & vbTab & -Diff(z) & vbTab & "Adj prelim MTM to final" & vbTab & "400" & Fund(z)
            End If
        Next z
        Print #1, "ENDTRNS"
        Close #1


Hello, I am a mid-level developer working for a company specializing in mobile smart-phone application development. The platform we chose to work with is the Motorola MC75A running Windows Mobile 6.5. We have been experimenting with the GPS capabilities of the device using the sample GPS program provided.  The application works fine in stand alone mode, however, the reason we purchased the device was because of its support with A-GPS with the SUPL protocol. The Operating system has functionality to leverage SUPL but per a conversation with Motorola, in order to utilize it the software must be designed for it.

I have been searching for a valid place to begin integrating the protocol with the GPS software but I'm unable to find a starting position. If anybody has some insight about where to start or what I am getting myself into I would be immensely grateful.


Thank you in advance.



Zach Smith


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