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get_nodeTypedValue equivalent for XSD?

Hi all,

I know the MSXML get_nodeTypedValue method is only supported with XDR schemas and does not work with XSD schemas. However we use this extensively in our applicaton to get typed values from input XML based on the corresponding type definition in the XML's schema. Is there any equivalent to this when using XSD in MSXML6? We are forced to having to convert to using XSD schemas as XDR schemas are no longer supported in MSXML6 :(

FYI - The background to this is that for a lot of our customers when Windows update installs MSXML6 or a patch for it, it is unregistering MSXML3 and breaking our application. So we having to convert our codebase to MSXML6 to get around this.

Thanks in advance,

    Charles Gamble.




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Answer 1

There is no equivalent  API for get_nodeTypedValue in MSXML6. You need to get the node value as BSTR through get_nodeValue, and then covert to corresponding typed value by your own.


Installing msxml6  should not unregistering MSXML3. What platform (OS, service pack, etc) did you see such behavior? MSXML3 and MSXML6 are both in-band Windows components in XP SP3, Vista and later OSes. See http://blogs.msdn.com/b/xmlteam/archive/2010/07/02/msxml6-is-now-in-band-msi-setup-headaches-should-now-almost-be-gone.aspx


Answer 2

Thanks for the reply.

If I use get_nodeValue how can I get the actual type  for the node as defined in the applied XML schema?





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