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Grouping tasks under summary tasks in a list


I have a SharePoint list that has a number of summary tasks and within these summary tasks has tasks. I would like to view in one list the summary tasks and the corresponding subtasks, is there a way of doing this in SharePoint 2010?

It would be nice to have the subtasks grouped by summary tasks and possibly have the subtasks indented.


Many thanks,



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Answer 1

I want  my Summary task and Sub tasks grouped just like your description.Did you get this to work?


Answer 2


You may open properties view all tasks and used groups and summary options in views.



Answer 3

Thank you for your quick response but I do not understand your solution. Could you possibly explain step by step?


I do apologise, I am new to SharePoint 2010.


Many thanks in advance,



Answer 4

You can

1. Open your list task

2. Select tab List and Click button Change view

3. Open tree Group and add new group with your parameters.

4. Open tree Summary and change parameters

5. Click button OK


Answer 5

Hi, sorry I am unable to find the group and summary tree. This is what I have done:


1, Opened my task list

2, Selected list then clicked 'Modify View'

3, The only option I can see is 'Group By'


Is this correct?


Answer 6

Yes it is.



Answer 7

As my summary tasks and sub tasks both have the column name 'Title' I am unsure on what field to group the list by?

Answer 8

Just to clarify:


I am using a project task list. I have two content types a summary task and a task. I would like to have the summary task as the main group in the view by so that it looks like this:


+ Summary Task




+ Summary Task 2





Sorry if I was not clear previously.


Answer 9


My sample.

I have 3 tasks. I open my list task and Selected list then clicked 'Modify View'. After I open option 'Group By' and add new group on status. I got 2 groups:

1. 2 tasks - status in works

2. 1 task - status not started

After I Selected my list task then clicked 'Modify View' and open option 'Summary' and change summary status (on cost). I got summary group tasks.

                                                             Summary = 3

+ Status In works Summary = 2



+ Status Not started Summary = 1



Answer 10

Does this actually work?

Where's the Summary option? and cost?

M4u2nv, did you get this to work?

Thanks in advance!





How can I use a workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010 to create a summary task in a project list, and create tasks under this summary task?

There is the ability create a task of type "Summary Task" in the project list, which returns the ID of that item.  But then how do you use the ID to create another task under the sumary task?  Setting the "Folder" field for the subsequent tasks to the summary task ID does not work.

Thanks for any help,



I am running MS Project Professional 2007.  I have added the Show/Hide Summary Tasks button to my toolbar, rather than going into Tools -> Options and checking/unchecking the Show summary tasks box under "Outline options".

If I have a text column filtered, hide the summary tasks, click the Save icon on the toolbar, and then show the summary tasks from the button on my toolbar, MS Project crashes.  I have replicated this on different machines withing my network with different files.

I cannot tell if this is an issue with MS Project or if there are some interactions with other service pack pushes and such on my computer.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Hi all,

I'm using project 2007 and have established a project the spans over many phases.  I''ve structed my tasks to be resource group specific...example

phase 1

hr group

finance group

phase 2

hr group

finance group

I'm now attempting to group and or filter.....and print gantt chart sections by resource group.......to make it easy for my users to review their tasks, I'm attempting to color code tasks and summary tasks by same color.  Any insight on how to link summary tasks to specific colored bar colors/styles

Thanks in advance




If I set my MSP 2007 plan to show all activities with a set time frame ie/ 6 weeks then it also shows the summary task headings of activites which are outwith this period.  How can I get around this as it is making my plan much bigger than it needs to be?



I cannot see that there is a solution for moving a task from one summary task to another? Looks to me like this can't be done even in the Content & Structure interface. The summary tasks show up as folders, but there is no way to access the tasks within and moving them to another "folder".

Am I missing something critical here?



Dear Friends,

I am a bigner in sharepoint, I want to develop a programe when I Added a list item in Task that same item adedd in another Task which is available in other site but all site are under a one web application, can you how to write programme item added event or item adding event.


Advance thanks to

I am waiting your quick response.

Tahnk you



I want to add a task of a outlook whenever a task is assinged to user,depending upon that user email Id (assignee) a task has to be created in that assigned user's calender in outlook and in sharepoint task list

it is urgent.

pls post your idea if you have done this.

Thanks in Advance.


how can I gruping summary data in gridview like that; Thanks for helping


Car                   Rate 1               Rate 2            Rate 3  

 BMV                 5                          7                       9

                         4                          6                      7

                         1                           2                      3

Summary:      10                        15                        19

Alfa Romeo         1                     1                              1

                           2                     2                              2

Summary            3                        3                            3




What are the meaning and the use of the following Schedule options : "Inserted Projects Are Calculated Like Summary Tasks" (File > Options > Schedule)




The My Task webpart in ProjectServer doesn't show the Summary Tasks, so, it's pratically impossible to identify the correct task when you have hundred of them.

Looking for a solution, I found  this one , but its a commercial solution.

I know that the Infrastructure Update and the Service Pack 2 improve the My Task webpart by inserting an option in the drop down menu of the tasks that show the whole path of the activity, but, still isn't a good solution.

The better solution is like "Display My Task Summary" (link above). But before to pay for a commercial solution, I should to search for a non-commercial solution....

Anyone knows something that could help me?

We are using the InvokeProces task in team build scripts to complie VB6 apps in TFS2010. 

How do we include the VB6 output in the team build summary log?



Hi Folks,

I'm troubleshooting a problem one user has with one plan.

In this scenario, the user see incorrect roll up values for the Work, Baseline Work and Remaining work figures. Each of these should be approx 3000 (+ change) but they all display as 3 days.

I've looked at all her options for the tool and all appear fine which is backed up by the fact that she experiences this issue with no other plan on Project Server.

She also explained another issue which I think might be related. If she tries to edit the Std cost for a resource and she enters €2000 it sets as €2.

So in my mind there is some kind of "rounding down" that is happening but the fact that it is specific to one plan and one user makes it diffcult to understand how we could fix this.

The user is using MS Project 2007 with SP2 + Feb CU with project server patched the same

Any help or advice is appreciated.





It's easy to create a query on our requirements and have their tasks shown; also to have the effort (hours) shown - however it could be SO nice if the remaining hours column from the tasks could be accumulatred to the requrement?

I cannot find a way to do so...


--- LS

We are using the weekly summary web part to show hours entered by day for the week in PS 2007.

Is there a possibility to extend this to a table that shows weekly hours for the month in a similar fashion.

Hour staff is still accustomed to entering time per month and this would help as a summary tool.

--- TT


Hello all,

I am working in MS Project 2010(trial). I have a master schedule which I use to hold multiple subprojects. When I add a subproject, the project is added with the project name at the top of the hierarchy, then task name, then so forth down the line. Now in Project 2010 we have the option to remove Summary Tasks, but this option will hide all summary tasks and those beneath them. Now what I need to do is remove JUST the top level. This shows up as the file name of the project it comes from which is just another step in the drill down. In project 2007 you could just "out"-dent the task to the highest level, and delete the top of the hierarchy without it affecting its members. It seems they have removed this feature from 2010 master scheduling, as the project beneath will only outdent to one level before the top level task and no further. I want to group by iteration, but I lose this information when I uncheck the summary task.




Hi everyone,

I'm creating a List View. When I go to Sort & Group, under the Group Properties section, I don't have the "Show group footer" checkbox.

I know I'm missing this checkbox because I was following a tutorial that had a screenshot of this window. Any idea why I don't have this checkbox showing?

It's not greyed out, the checkbox and "Show group footer" label are simply NOT there.



Does anyone know how to or where I need to start when it comes to customizing the Posts list summary view?

I have the Rating activiated for the Posts list within the Blog site. Now, within a custom page, I have the summary view of the blogs. What I would like to do is show the Ratings (stars) for each of the blogs within this summary view.

Any thoughts?




I m having a custom list named as " Release request" with multiple columns (project code,project name.....etc) and i m having a workflow on this list named as "New Request" which is working well. now i have to show the summary of a project on a new page with complete details of a specific project from Release request, and the task created against that project and the workflow history for that project. all these details should appear on the summary form in the following sequence -

Request Detail

Tasks for that request

workflow status

kindly help me! how can i achieve this using sharepoint designer.feel free if any further clarification is needed .




Please let me know how to create summary description column means it need to display only first 10 words from description column (Which is multiline 6 lines holds upto 256 characters) of list.

I tried to create column based on lookup or calculated, but this description column is not showing in "Insert Column List".

This summary description column changes height of row to show all contains from description column and does not provide nice look and feel of list and css screws row selection....


Is there a way in SharePoint Designer that will generate a single email with all open issues?  The goal is to send a weekly email that includes a list of all open issues.  I know how to send an email per issue but the requirement is to create a summary email will all issues listed.



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