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Grouping tasks under summary tasks in a list


I have a SharePoint list that has a number of summary tasks and within these summary tasks has tasks. I would like to view in one list the summary tasks and the corresponding subtasks, is there a way of doing this in SharePoint 2010?

It would be nice to have the subtasks grouped by summary tasks and possibly have the subtasks indented.


Many thanks,



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Answer 1

I want  my Summary task and Sub tasks grouped just like your description.Did you get this to work?


Answer 2


You may open properties view all tasks and used groups and summary options in views.



Answer 3

Thank you for your quick response but I do not understand your solution. Could you possibly explain step by step?


I do apologise, I am new to SharePoint 2010.


Many thanks in advance,



Answer 4

You can

1. Open your list task

2. Select tab List and Click button Change view

3. Open tree Group and add new group with your parameters.

4. Open tree Summary and change parameters

5. Click button OK


Answer 5

Hi, sorry I am unable to find the group and summary tree. This is what I have done:


1, Opened my task list

2, Selected list then clicked 'Modify View'

3, The only option I can see is 'Group By'


Is this correct?


Answer 6

Yes it is.



Answer 7

As my summary tasks and sub tasks both have the column name 'Title' I am unsure on what field to group the list by?

Answer 8

Just to clarify:


I am using a project task list. I have two content types a summary task and a task. I would like to have the summary task as the main group in the view by so that it looks like this:


+ Summary Task




+ Summary Task 2





Sorry if I was not clear previously.


Answer 9


My sample.

I have 3 tasks. I open my list task and Selected list then clicked 'Modify View'. After I open option 'Group By' and add new group on status. I got 2 groups:

1. 2 tasks - status in works

2. 1 task - status not started

After I Selected my list task then clicked 'Modify View' and open option 'Summary' and change summary status (on cost). I got summary group tasks.

                                                             Summary = 3

+ Status In works Summary = 2



+ Status Not started Summary = 1



Answer 10

Does this actually work?

Where's the Summary option? and cost?

M4u2nv, did you get this to work?

Thanks in advance!




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