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HD DVD PLAYER (360 Will Not Recognize The Player)

I just bought my HD DVD player a couple of weeks ago and it has been working great.  Now the green light that comes on when you hit eject does not come on and the 360 does not recognize that the player is attached.  I called Microsoft (a.k.a. Malaysia) and they gave me the run-around.  i tried to reload the cd on my 360 but then it says to attach my HD DVD player to the 360.  The USB is connected and the HD DVD player will open, take a disc, and act like it is reading it but it does not come up on my 360 any longer.  Could this be a bad USB cable?  Thanks!


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Answer 1

This forum is for authoring of interactivity for HD DVD, so your best bet for getting support for your Xbox is at http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/contact/?WT.svl=nav

Although, from your description (no power to the drive), it sounds like your USB cable is loose or bad.  Try another port or try another cable.


Answer 2

I tried switching USB cables and the signal is still not being sent to the xbox from the hd dvd  player.  the Hd dvd layer is running but it is not communicating.


Answer 3

    Were you ever able to get this issue resolved? I have run into the exact issue you were having (no green power light, tray opens, console doesn't recognize  the system) but MS/Xbox 360 has not been helpful. Just curious to see if this got resolved, so I know how to address this.


Answer 4

I have just encountered the same problem.  Does anyone have a solution yet?

Answer 5


has anyone found a solution to this?? it happened to me last week.. ive swapped my hd drive for a new one (new leads everything) thinking it was a problem with the drive itself.. but its done nothing

same problem as above.. theres definatly power going to the drive because the draw pops in and out when you press the button.. but the xbox just doesnt register the fact that the player  is plugged in.

Answer 6

I had the same issue approximately one week ago.

I don't know what happened to the hd dvd  player because it worked just a few weeks before I had the issue but the problem is the actual hd dvd player  and not the xbox.

I had the same problem, power comes on, can eject the tray, but for some reason the xbox wouldn't recognize  the player.

The xbox tech people had me try connecting the hd dvd player to another xbox. Further, on my own, I tried connecting it to a computer, the computer seemed to recognize the hd dvd player was connected to it. However, connecting it do another xbox did not work, nor did a new usb cable.

I bought a new hd dvd player from some guy off craigslist and the xbox recognizes the new hd dvd player.

Dunno the cause of the problem but it is likely the same issue I had. Hd dvd player has a 1 yr warranty but they'll probably make you go through the same steps as myself.

Sorry for the bad news but hope it helps.


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