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Need help with filtering a list based on Date and Time



We are implementing a SharePoint list for our resources to provide information as to whether they will be in the office that day, working from home, etc..


All entries are supposed to be in by 8:30 am and a report is created at that time; however, there are always a few stragglers. 


I would like to create a view which shows all entries which have been created after 8:30 am of the current day.  I have tried the following:



is greater than





is greater than

=TEXT(Sum(DateValue([Today]),TimeValue("8:30 AM")),"m/d/yyyy h:MM:ss")




is greater than

=TEXT(([Today]+TimeValue("8:30 AM")), "m/d/yyyy h:MM:ss")




is greater than

=[Today]+TimeValue("8:30 AM")


They all result in “Filter value is not in a supported date format.”



SharePoint Designer is not supported for our SharePoint sites so I can not modify the CAML query to include IncludeTimeValue=”TRUE” for  [Today] (and I am not sure it would help me anyway).

Anyone have any suggestions for me?



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Answer 1

Working with time/dates in SharePoint columns can be tricky. Check this post out and try using the calculated column method described.

Another good source is a seven-part series Dessie Lunsford wrote about calculated columns and working with date and time.




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