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I am working on an application which I would like to be freeware. I was wondering If anybody knew where to get Icons that may be used in a freeware application. It is an internet browser.


Andrew DeVaughn


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Answer 1

Hi Andrew,

Could you clarify your scenario? I am not sure that your question is finding the icon files or how to use the icons in your application.



Answer 2

Hi Andrew,

If you want to find some icons used in your application, here are some icon resources.

1. The Visual Studio 2005 Image Library provides many icons.


The Visual Studio 2005 Image Library (VS2005ImageLibrary.zip) is copied to your computer when you install Visual Studio 2005 full Edition.

The Image Library is installed by default in

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\VS2005ImageLibrary\VS2005ImageLibrary.zip.

2. You also can find more icon resources from this thread.

Best regards,

Martin Xie


Answer 3

Hi Andrew,

If you still have any doubt and concern about this issue, please let me know.

Thank you for your passional participation in this forum!


Answer 4

Hi Martin

My man, if you guys can help out with how you actually get the icons on to the ToolStrip, i'd be really happy. I'm sure my statement indicates how new i am in VS application dev.

Search for  Icons


I do not see anything in the UI design and interaction guide regarding our start and tile icons for our App, the certification requirements only give a pixel size so can we design these any way we want, on the preview device they are all in 2 colors.



If I set the Icon property to a Vista icon, I get a FileFormatException stating that the image format is unrecognized. If I try the same thing with an old Windows XP icon (without PNG compressed images) it works correctly. I simply cannot believe that WPF doesn't support Vista icons.



The filetype icons in my pending changes window are all showing as a generic text icon.

Has anyone else experienced this and/or does anyone know a fix?


I created a MFC application and set the main frame icon


HICON hPrevIcon = pFrame->SetIcon(hIcon,FALSE);

The icon IDR_MAINFRAME contains all icon sizes from 16x16 up to 256x256 but windows 7 is only using the 32x32 and the 16x16 icon.

The general question is: How does the OS get the application icon, and how does it choose the size.

Thanks and regards,



I am wondering why a Form icon changes into a Class icon.

I am trying to create a splash screen, and my form changes into a class when I pop in this code:

using System;

using System.Windows.Forms;

using Microsoft.VisualBasic.ApplicationServices;

using WindowsFormsApplication1;


namespace WindowsApplication1





        staticvoid Main(string[] args)







    publicclassMyApp : WindowsFormsApplicationBase


        protectedoverridevoid OnCreateSplashScreen()


            this.SplashScreen = new Form2();


        protectedoverridevoid OnCreateMainForm()


            // Do your initialization here


            System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(5000);  // Test

            // Then create the main form, the splash screen will automatically close

            this.MainForm = new Form1();






I’m new to C#.  Trying to figure this stuff out.

Thanks everyone!!



hello i am making a dock for my desktop and was wondering how do i make it so when i put my cursor next to an icon it light up blue like windows icons on the desktop with a transparent backround so you cann see behind the logo and i also want the text to go blue then i want to double click to launch an application and one click highlights it 






When using VS 2008 on Windows XP, if I set the Image property for a Button to an icon file with a 32 bit Arbg image, the alpha information is stripped and of course the icon does not look correct.

If I do the same in Windows 7, no problem.

On XP, if I use the same icon in an ImageList and use the image for the Button there is no problem.

Just curious as to why I have to use an ImageList instead of just using the Image property.




The filetype icons in my pending changes window are all showing as a generic text icon.

Has anyone else experienced this and/or does anyone know a fix?
Is there a way to make sharepoint display a PDF icon on files with a .pdf extension? 

hello i am making a dock and i want to be able to drag an item from my desktop (any item e.g program shortcut, file) then when you drag it to the dock it will go ther and you can delete it from there does anyone have an idea of how to do this please can you help me pleas note i am using C# and i am creating a windows form application is this right i want to create a dock like objectdock or rocket dockwhere you can drag an item from the desktop and it goes on the dock


objectdock - http://www.stardock.com/products/objectdock/

rocketdock - http://rocketdock.com/


thanks in advance and please help me to do this thanks again


please help me...

How to replace icon NOTEPAD.EXE with icon regedit.exe in VB.NET?



get icon in vb6:


Private Declare Function DrawIcon Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal hIcon As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function ExtractIcon Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ExtractIconA" (ByVal hInst As Long, ByVal lpszExeFileName As String, ByVal nIconIndex As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function CloseHandle Lib "kernel32.dll" (ByVal hObject As Long) As Long
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim hico As Long
hico = ExtractIcon(ByVal App.hInstance, "regedit.exe", 1)
DrawIcon ByVal Me.hdc, ByVal 40, ByVal 10&, ByVal hico
CloseHandle hico
End Sub

How to get and set icon in VB.NET?



This question relates to Excel 2003

I have a couple of toolbars which I would like to distribute as an Add-In.  In accordance with advice, I use VBA to Create the toolbars  on the Workbook open event and delete  them using the  beforeclose event.

I have custom icons which I created using the Excel Icon Editor, but when I try to Copy these to a worksheet  and then use copy and "pasteface" in the VBA, they lose the transparent background and appear on a white square.  If I set the background colour to transparent then it appears black on the tool bar.

Am I missing something somewhere?  Not vital but it is bugging me.

So can someone point me in the right direction please.


Hi. I making an application that uses the CameraShowDialog() api. Is there any way to change/add the icons on the Camera Dialog screen (the camera's view finder screen). For example, i would like to change the flash icon or the mode switch icon to my own icons. Thanks.


I'm using Visual Studio 2005 and MFC/C++ and would like to set an icon to a button in CMainFrame's m_wndTooBar and then dynamically change it. In CMainFrame::OnCreate(..) and after m_wndToolBar.CreateEx(this, TBSTYPLE_LIST, ...) call, I set each button style (except TBBS_SEPARATOR) with TBBS_AUTOSIZE.

Then according to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/library/477kf668(v=VS.80).aspx, I do: m_wndToolBar.SetButtonInfo(5, ID_BUTTON_5, TBBS_BUTTON, IDI_ICON1), where IDI_ICON1 is created using resource editor. Compile and build are fine. At runtime, the button is blank -- NO icon or image. What's wrong? How could I set a customized icon in m_wndToolBar's button? Thanks.




I'm using VC++ .NET 2003 SP1 in WinXP PRO SP3 fully patched.

Logged on as admin, I built an MFC SDI application using the default icons, and it works correctly since a long time.
I changed the default icon for the document by a new one (I deleted the default icon file, pasted the new one, and renamed it).
I rebuilt the application, re-registered it and checked that the new executable contains the new icon and not the old one.

But the old icon insists to appear as the icon associated to documents pertaining to that application.

I re-checked that the old icon is not embedded in the application's executable.
My guess is that the OS builds a cache for these icons, but it is not updated.
My system has 1 admin and 5 users; all have documents generated by this application and the old icon appears in all these documents.
Occasionally, I succeeded having the new icon appearing as it should, but just temporarily; after log off and on again, the old icon appeared again.
Again, my guess is that the OS builds a cache for these icons, but it is not updated (at least the item associated with this file extension).

When I create a new user account, the new icon is associated to the documents generated by that application; the old user accounts keep the old icon.

Any suggestion, please?



Hi Everyone,

I’m practicing using the setup and deployment project. I can add a shortcut to the desktop and give it an icon to display without problem.

Many applications have a choice of icons to display for the desktop icon; when we right-click on the icon and choose “change icon” there is a box that appears giving the user a choice.

My question is: how can I give the user a choice of icons to be able to select which one to display? Do I have to make a dll file or is it another method?

Many thanks,



Hi Friends,

I've application to show the system tray icon but
it is hidden on windows 7 by default. Otherwise it 
is working fine on other OS.

Is there any other solution if possible using registry, manifest, APIs etc.?

If user can show system tray icon manually as, right click on task bar select properties and customize notification area. So, I think there must be solution using programmatically.



I am building an install for a mobile device that uses an application not developed in house.  It is a application the reads "scripts" that is the actual program running on the mobile device.  There is an icon associated with the base exe so when I create the cab file and the installer program using NSIS the files get set up on the mobile device, but the default icon is displayed on the start screen.

I would like to change that default icon to one that represents our company product.  I have looked at the CEAppManager ini file syntax, but it is not very clear (and there is not much found in searches)

Here is a mock up of the ini file:



Version   = 1.0
Component  = CompanyTools

Description = Company Inv Tools
Uninstall  = Company Inv Tools
IconFile   = OurIcon.ico
IconIndex  = 0
DeviceFile  = BaseApp.exe

;Because there are multiple .cab files specific to a CPU type,
;these files are relative to the installation directory.
CabFiles = CompanyAddon.CAB
My understanding was that if I provide the ico file in the cab file, then the ini would somehow see it and make the switch from default to custom ico.  that did not happen.  Other then going into the actual exe of the base application and changing the icon (not a real option) I would like to know how I can customize what the user sees on the mobile screen regarding the shortcut icon. 



In Add-Ins, I have group called "Custom Toolbars".  In "Custom Toolbars"  I have two buttons with bad icons.  How do I change the image on these buttons?

Hi All,

I wish to use the Office SDK 2.0 to minic the effect of embedding a file in Word (2007) by going to Insert > Object > From File and checking Show as Icon.

In this way the file to embed will be part of the whole document but will be displayed just as an icon until the user clicks on it. Then the embedded document will open in another application window (e.g. Word). The documents to embed will be all from Office 2007/2010.

That is the best way to accomplish this?

As far as I notice altChunk can embed the document, but it doesn´t have an option to just show the content as an icon. Any ideas?




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