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Importing Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms into Console Application Project



I've created a VB Console Application Project and am trying to instantiate a Report Viewer object. To my understanding I need to import Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms however Visual Studio does not recognize this name space. Is there some reference I need to add?





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Answer 1

You have to add reference to Microsoft.ReportViewer.WinForms  in order to use Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms  .

Right click on your project in solution explorer, and select add reference,  In reference window, select NET Tab and try to look for Microsoft.ReportViewer.WinForms






Answer 2

He wasn't copying the code.  Even if he used the word 'imports' which my guess is he did this error would be the result.  If he left off the 's' it would be a different error.

That said, I don't know the solution.  Is there a reference (.dll) that needs to be pointed to?


Answer 3

i edited my first post. try it that should work. What VS are you using?



Answer 4

That worked! Thanks so much. I'm using Visual Studio 2010. I had looked in references before but I guess I must have skipped over that one :P.


Thanks : )



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