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How do I increase the size of Left panel?



I'm trying to increase the size of the left quickmenu panel called "s4-leftpanel".

in the CSS i find a width of 155px but when I increase this to 200, it seems like the panel is hidden below something else..







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Answer 1

i can't find any tag with name written above, neither i know whether you are talking about Central admin or some other site

any way you can change the width of Central admin Quick launch by changing the width of table which contains quick launch using Sharepoint designer see the exact line below (table in first line add a width attribute there) where you may need to change the width

 <TABLE height="100%" class=ms-navframe CELLPADDING=0 CELLSPACING=0 border="0" width="250px">
		 <tr valign="top">
			<td width="4px"><IMG SRC="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" width=4 height=1 alt=""></td>
			<td valign="top" width="100%">
			 <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderLeftNavBarDataSource" runat="server" />
			 <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderCalendarNavigator" runat="server" />
			 <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderLeftNavBarTop" runat="server"/>
			 <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderLeftNavBar" runat="server">
				<div class="ms-quicklaunchouter">
 so on....

Manish Sati

Answer 2


I'm talking about the v4.master page.

In my version it looks like this


<div id="s4-leftpanel" class="s4-notdlg" >
                    <div id="s4-leftpanel-content">
                        <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderLeftNavBarDataSource" runat="server" />
                        <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderCalendarNavigator" runat="server" />
                        <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderLeftActions" runat="server"></asp:ContentPlaceHolder>
                            <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderLeftNavBarTop" runat="server"/>
                        <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderLeftNavBar" runat="server">


even if I increase the width to 300px, it will still not show correct.
The wierd thing is that it shows correct in my sharepoint designer but not when other pages are loaded..

it seems like the content of the other pages are covering the extra width of the leftpanel


Answer 3

For this purpose you need to make changes in you CSS at two places.

Let us take an example, if you want your left panel width to be 250px, for this you need to do following:

1. Find the following class .s4-ca  in CSS file and set its margin-left:255px;

2. Find this class body #s4-leftpanel in CSS file and set is width:255px;

You are done!!!


how to make bigger tabpage page headers without changing tabpage or its contents font size. i just need to change tabpage header to make it look bigger with different font. need help please.



Does the use of update panels increase the speed of a website?

A code sample:

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional" ChildrenAsTriggers="False">
<asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" HorizontalAlign="Left" Wrap="False" ScrollBars="Vertical" style="position: relative">
<asp:Label ID="LabelClock" runat="server" Text="Label"></asp:Label>
<asp:Literal ID="Literal1" runat="server"></asp:Literal>



<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel2" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional" ChildrenAsTriggers="False">

<asp:Panel ID="Panel2" runat="server">
<asp:Label ID="LabelNumber" runat="server" Text="Label"></asp:Label>



LabelClock.Text is set at every postback in the page load event, to the current time. But the UpdatePanel1 is only updated when the contents (some text) of the Literal1 changes.

This works, the text of the LabelClock only changes when the contents of the Literal1 changes as well.

However, there is a marked speed difference between 'loading times' (a single number is loaded into the LabelNumber in UpdatePanel2) depending on how much text the Literal1 shows in UpdatePanel1. When the Literal1 contains a lot of text, the speed is slow, when it contains little text, it is faster. Even though UpdatePanel1 is not updated (as confirmed by the LabelClock).

It appears that the data contained in the UpdatePanel is downloaded to the client on every postback, even though the updatepanel is not updated.

Could this be true?

Why is that?

How can it be changed, so as to increase the speed of the website?

Thank you.

With best regards,





I'm testing a web service that uses xslt to manipulate XML input data. I'm getting a stack overflow exception

for large input data and I would like to see if this problem would be solved by increasing the default IIS stack size.


Can anyone advise how to increase the default IIS stack size ?




Playing with Event Flow Debugger here. I have created an .etl file for a query execution that consumed ~7000 events. When loading the .etl file into Event Flow Debugger, I get a little warning that tells me I've lost some ETW events, and suggests increasing the number of ETW buffers and their size.

First question: Where do I do this? i suspect this is a system-level property
Second Question: Is there a way to guesstimate number and sizes?


When I make a model in gmax and export to .md3 then convert it to .x with LithUnwrap,  I display it on the screen but no matter how big I model the object, it is always the same size on the screen.  How could I make the model bigger?


quick overview.

user opens a word doc from a sharepoint library.

using a tablet pc the user inks the word doc.

user then saves the doc back to the sharepoint library.

a workflow picks up the files and moves it to another library.


the issue.

randomly some of the word docs are going from ~300k to 20,000k, or larger. the largest growth was from 700k to 100,000k.

we open the inflated docs, save them, then the file shrinks back down around the original size.

has anyone seen this before?




I am using File.Copy to copy three jpeg file on Window 7.

Sometime what happens that the size of image increases considerably from 4 MB to 17 MB. Upon investigation i come to know that  certain propery of image have changes which increses its size. 



horizontal resolution : 72 dpi , 

vertical resolution : 72 dpi 

Bit depth : 24




Horizontal resolution : 346 dpi

Vertical resolution : 346 dpi

Bit Depth : 32


I don't know what is causing this. Plz help me. Thanks in advance.

I am using infopath forms for Project proposal ...In that form i need to attach document more than 6 MB . Its throwing error

Is there n ways to add file

Thanks in Advance 



I want to increase the upload size limit upto 80 MB i follow the steps of msdn library given below:

Increase the maximum upload size


Click Start, point to AllPrograms, point to AdministrativeTools, and then click SharePointCentralAdministration.


Under Virtual Server Configuration, click Configure virtual server settings.


On the Virtual Server List page, click the virtual server you want to change.


On the Virtual Server Settings page, under Virtual Server Management, click Virtual server general settings.


Under Maximum upload size, type the maximum file size (in MB) that you want to allow to be uploaded.


Click OK.

 But I am not able to find any thing which is mention is "step 4".

I found 3 entries after clicking the Configure virtual server settings:

Name                                     URL                   version                 

    1. Deafult web site                  xxxx                         upgrade

    2. team foundation server      xxxx                     Not Installed            Extend

    3 Team PLain web access   xxxxx                   Not Installed            Extend

when I click the default web site it opens help window.

and when i click others there are not any options "Virtual server general General settings"

Please guide is there any extra step which i have to do for this or anything is   missing from my side.

Please help.

Thanx in advance.


I have created a WCF Data Service that serves binary image data.


The image displays in the browser, but for some reason the dimensions have increased in size (dimensions):


it should be 45px X 45px, but it displays at 600px X 600px.

Is there a way to control this, or rather default to the original size?

Thank you,
Robert Vignato



What is the syntax for changing the default document library template size from 10Mb to something higher. Is it possible to increase to say about 100Mb?




how can i increasing stack size on my ui thread from within the app?

my app is a paint program + causes a stackoverflow exception when using large bitmaps + redrawing


thanks for any help


Hi ,

I have a requirement to increase the application event log description size

eg : eventvwr --> application event log --> right click an event  --> properties --> Description

we want to write more data into the description tab , if we write more it throws an error , but if we delete few lines , event log gets generated.


So is there a way to increase the size of the description column ?



I'm having some issues with the performance queries against a spatially indexed table.  For a smallish number of rows (let's say less than 1,000,000), I can perform many 1000s of queries per second, like so:


SET @point = ....

SELECTTOP 1 @id = id
	FROM TheTableName A WITH (INDEX(the_spatial_index_name), NOLOCK)
	WHERE A.geom.Filter(@point) = 1


As I increase the number of rows in the table, there becomes a point where performance immediately drops by an order of magnitude, reducing to 100s of queries per second.  Isolating the particular drop off point is difficult, as I get inconsistent behavior, previously high performing row counts also drop in performance.  Suffice it to say, with enough rows, performance is very poor.  So far 2 million rows has always worked for me.

Some details:

The spatial index settings are all HIGH.  Decreasing the grid resolution makes things worse.  Generally each grid cell contains only a handful of records. It doesn't matter if the table contains LineStrings or Points. I've tried the most basic of tables, a Point and a IDENTITY PK. The server is allowed to use up to 28 gigs of RAM, more than enough to cache the entire Test data set multiple times over. Normally, many concurrent threads are executing the stored procs which contain these queries. It doesn't matter of I limit to 1 request/thread, performance is still poor. When more threads are running, the Activity Monitor shows SQLCLR as a wait resource with wait times of 5000ms or larger.  Memory pops up on occasion too. When performance is good, nothing in particular is showing as a waiting resource, even with 20 concurrent requests/threads.


On a smaller data set, I was able to set up spatial indicies at differing resolutions to get good query performance.  But on a large data set, no matter the grid resolution, performance is poor by comparison, even when asking the most basic question, "What's in the index at this location?" using the 'Filter' predicate.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Is there some other non-Spatial SQL Server configuration I should be looking at?







I am just wondering if there is a way to increase the maximum size an attachment can be for e-mail activities from 8Mb to say, 10Mb?

At the moment I have e-mails sitting in my inbox that are slightly over 8Mb, but they cannot be tracked because the maximum size limit for file attachments is 8Mb.  Is there any way to increase that limit?


Hello all of you,

I get a stack overflow (because in the program I got, some large pictures are part of a function call (indeed not using a pointer but using the pictures)). I get a stack overflow if my pictures get above a certain size. How can I solve this?
One would be to reprogram and change the transfer of the pictures into transfering only pointers, but that would be to cumbersome at this moment.

The other solution could be to increase the stack size (which is by default 1 MByte in Visual C++).
Looking at the Help, I see I can do this by adding an additional option in the C++ (in Project -> xyz Properties... -> Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Command Line ->  Additional options : /F 8000000)  (~8 MByte) , but this does not solve the problem (same behavoir).
I understand from the help that the stack size after the /F is in Byte.
It looks that everything is independant of the value I put after the /F (even a 500 MByte or 50 Byte does not provide a different behavoir;-)

Any idea how I can increase the stack size (say to 8 MByte, which is the Linux default for the stack size)? Thanks for your help.

All the best,



I found out how to increase the upload size http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa479405.aspx but I could not find the <httpRuntime> in web.config file, can you guide me where to add it please

Thanks a lot


Hi guys,

I have a field in my dataset with type nvarchar(1000). when I link it to crystal reports, it converts it to a field of type string with length set to 100. As a result of that, the string in that field is being truncated on the report. How can I increase the string length to 1000? (I already checked the "Can grow" option).





While moving files from file system to Sharepoint 2007 via windows explorer view, why do file sizes increase?





Hi all,

In my web page I have lot of validation controls. These controls emit some script block to the page, that increase my page size

Is there any way to put that script in to separate js file

need client validation also.


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