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How to install 'NETCFv35.Messages.ENU.wm.cab'...

I'm new to programming in VS and .NET Compact Framework 3.5.

I've found that I need to install NETCFv35.Messages.ENU.wm.cab in order to get better error message descriptions, how exactly is this done?

Does the .cab need to be installed directly to the phone or on the production machine - I'm a little confused with this.

Any help you can provide would begreat.


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Answer 1

CAB files need to be installed  directly on the phone. So you should copy this CAB file to the device and click on it. CAB should be on your development machine  as VS installs NETCF SDK which contains this CAB among other things. Search your hard drive to find it.

Also see this for basic deployment patterns for devices – you would probably need to use CABs to ship your application eventually.


Answer 2

Since this is running in the Cellular Replicator that doesn't make sense, my phone  isn't even attached... how would it possibly be able to report on error  meassages??



Answer 3

What's "Cellular Replicator"? In any case CAB file should be installed  on whatever application is running on.


Answer 4

It's part of the WindowsMobile SDK for developing applications for cell phones.

When deploying an application in a test environment for a WM6 device the application can be ran on a Windows Mobile Emulator or what I was calling a "Cellular Replicator", am I making any sense?

Are you familiar with the file NETCFv35.Messages.ENU.wm.cab and how to install  it for development use?


Answer 5

If you’re running your application on the emulator you should install  that CAB on to the emulator. Procedure is the same since emulator is a simulated device – copy CAB to the emulator (or device) and click on it.

To copy file(s) to the emulator (and to the actual device) cradle it (using device emulator manager) and use WMDC (or Active Sync) as usual.

Since SmartPhone (AKA WM 6 Standard) does not have file explorer like Pocket PC (AKA WM 6 Pro/Classic) does you would need to put this CAB to, say, "\windows\start menu" so it would show up in the emulator’s start menu and you can click on it to install.

If you’re deploying your application from VS (e.g. by hitting F5), VS should install this CAB for you automatically.

Yes, I am familiar with this CAB. It’s just what nobody called emulator “cellular replicator” before.


Answer 6

I didn't mean to imply anything negative and am sorry if I offended.

Even though the file has been copied and installed  when running my application I'm still seeing the following error  message as opposed to some more useful messages, any thoughts?

An error message  is available for this exception but cannot be displayed because these messages  are optional and are not currently installed on this device. Please install  ‘NETCFv35.Messages.EN.wm.cab’ for Windows Mobile 5.0 and above or  ‘NETCFv35.Messages.EN.cab’ for other platforms. Restart the application to see the message.

Thanks for your help.

Answer 7

Hi tiger.woods
See this link 

maybe this help  you!!!1


Answer 8

Where can I download NETCFv35.Messages.EN.wm.cab ?


Answer 9

I don't think you can find that by itself. If you install  the right version
of the .NET CF, you should find it in the Diagnostics folder under where the
framework cab  is found. On my device, this is at


Paul T.

"Dr. Germ" <=?utf-8?B?RHIuIEdlcm0=?=> wrote in message  
> Where can I download NETCFv35.Messages.EN.wm.cab ?
> Thanks!


Answer 10

Try this. Most probabaly your problem will be solved.



Answer 11

In my case just installing the CAB file was not sufficient, I had to follow the fix here as well


to get rid of the error. Many thanks  to


for sharing this



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