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install dll into windows/SysWOW64 windows/system32 on Windows 7

In order for the 3rd party graphing component to work (Gigasoft ProEssentials), it requires that a dll be installed in windows/system32 and/or windows/sysWOW64.

Manual installation of this dll into either of these folders on Windows 7 didn't work. I had to:

go to Control Panel/Action Center click on 'Change User Account Control settings' Move slider to bottom 'Do not notify me when I make Changes to Windows Settings'

How can I achieve the installation of this dependency dll using Setup Deployment. NOTE: this is not a project dependency in Visual Studio and I don't believe this dll (PEGRPDL.DLL) is a .NET component.

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Answer 1

Getting it installed  into the SysWOW64 folder needs a setup  project targting an x86 platform, and in the File System view right-click on File System on Target Machine will let you choose the System folder for the Dll.

I'm not sure why you're worried about the Dll being .NET. MSI-based setups have been installing apps since before .NET existed - it's not a .NET thing at all.


Answer 2

For MSI, I don't think your MSI package specifically has to be set up to target an x86 platform.  Rather, the MSI component  (with your file as the component's keypath) must NOT be set up as a 64-bit component (must not have the msidbComponentAttributes64bit bit flag set in the component attributes).  If that attribute is not set for the component, then you can include the component in an MSI package that targets x86 or one that targets x64 (or in both).

As long as the target directory defined for the component uses the [SystemFolder] property, then the file will get installed  to %windir%\system32\ when the package is installed on x86 systems and to the %windir%\SysWow64\ location when the package is run on x64 systems.

P.S. I'm not sure about security though.  You may have to require you're users to run the installation  with elevated priviledges on Windows 7 systems ('Run as Administrator') in order  to install  files to the system folder.  You'll need to check that.


Answer 3

Hi hazz,


VS setup  project’s special folder System Folder refers to System32 while System (64-bit) Folder refers to SysWOW64. On the contrary, getting it installed  into the SysWOW64 folder needs a setup project  targting an x64 platform. If the setup target x86, you will see error message “The destination path of folder 'System (64-bit) Folder' is not compatible with the project's target platform 'x86'” when building.



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Answer 4

I am writing to check the status of the issue on your side. Could you please let me know if the suggestion works for you? If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know. I will be more than happy to be of assistance.



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