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Installing DAO 3.5 and 3.6

I have an application that makes use of various versions of an older COM dll.  Some version of the dll use DAO 3.5 to access a Microsoft Access database and some use DAO 3.6 do to the same.  So, my install needs to make sure that DAO 3.5 and 3.6 get installed on the target machine so I can be sure this older COM dll will function, regardless of which version they choose to use. 

That said, I used to use InstallShield to create installation programs.  Installshield has merge modules for just about everything, including DAO 3.5 and 3.6.  I am trying to create a setup project in VS 2008 that will do the same.  The problem is I cannot find out how to get DAO 3.5 and 3.6 to be included in my setup project. 

Any ideas on how to do this?  Thank you so much!



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Answer 1

Hello Andy,


Have you tried the merge  module of VS setup  project? Here is a document talking about it.



I think it can implement the same function  as InstallShield.



Kira Qian

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Answer 2

Hi Kira.

Thanks for the reply.  This article talks about how to include a merge  module in a setup  project.  While this is useful, it isn't any help unless you have the merge module to include.

Installsheild comes with a pretty complete library of merge modules  to install  lots of different Microsoft (and other) technologies.  For example, to include DAO 3.5 and DAO 3.6, all you need to do is select those components from a list of re-distributable modules.  All of the details (including the exceptions for different operating systems) are encapsulated within the merge modules.  What I seem to be finding out is that unless you are using installsheild, you have to build your own merge modules which means figuring out all the details. 

This isn't fun when it comes to installing  the JET engine because of all the changes to MDAC made over the years.  It used to be you could just install MDAC and you'd get the Jet engine and all the ODBC drivers.  Now it is split into two, and I don't know what the JET engine is packaged with. 

Can you confirm that Microsoft does not have merge modules that can be included in a visual studio setup project  for its component technologies such as DAO?

Thanks again!



Answer 3

Hi Andy,


> Can you confirm that microsoft  does not have merge  modules that can be included in a visual studio setup  project for its component technologies such as DAO?


Yes, Microsoft doesn’t offer these components’ merge module which InstallShield has. DAO 3.5 and Jet 3.5 are available on this page.



You can also copy the one from InstallShield.



Kira Qian

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If you have any feedback on our support, please contact msdnmg@microsoft.com

Answer 4

Thank you for the link.  It is a shame that Microsoft doesn't provide merge  modules for its own technologies. 

I cannot copy them from InstallShield, because they are not package separate .msm files.  installshield  packages the modules  they built into a library that can only be used by installshield.


Answer 5

Unfortunately, the merge  modules available at this link are very old so I don't trust them to do the right thing on newer operating system.  For example, the DAO 3.5 merge module was create  in 2000.  Seems risky to use it.

Answer 6


I'm facing the same issue.

Did you find another solution to replace installshield  merge modules?


Thank you.


Answer 7

I wouldn't be surprised if DAO 3.5 is 10 years old (if not older). It's probably safe to use...




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