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Internet Explorer 9.0 Compatibility Issues

After loading the Beta version of Explorer 9.0 I had problems with "Save & Close" on the Task items.  Has anyone else tried 9.0 and found problems with CRM 4.0?  Is there some change to the settings that I need to make?  Explorer 9.0 seems to be a vast improvement for Microsoft and I would like to make the change over to using it as soon as possible.

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Answer 1

HI  Rhett ,

Can you  tell us  what are  issues will be coming if we using  IE9 for crm 4.0 which  does not contain any updated rollup for IE9


I would like to know  what are  major issue we will be facing on doing that ?

and also minor  issue ?

is there  any way user can  run ie8 from ie 9  if any issue are persistting ?

do  you  think if we  install update  roll up 15 for crm 4.0 will resolve any issues by using IE9

You  suggestion would greatly help us  in going hence forth...




Answer 2

I don't have a list of issues between IE9 and CRM but here are some posts that you might find helpful. If you are going to stick with IE9 then install the latest rollup 15 and then see if you still have the same problem as rollup 13 was supposed to have resolved some issues as mentioned by Neil. IF all else fails revert back to IE 8 or try Pablo's IE8->IE9 workaround using the spoon plugin.




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Answer 3

IE 9 is currently not supported for use with CRM. I would wait until Microsoft give the green light on this.

Answer 4

Update rollup 13 released yesterday addressed some issues  with the IE9 beta, but I'm not sure if it addressed the issue you describe. Might be worth a try though!

Answer 5


As workaround, maybe you can follow what I have shared here.

Hope it helps,

PP [twitter.com/pabloperalta]



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