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cannot load .rptproj in vs2010


I cannot load my solution which includes a .RPTPROJ  for the reports development.

The .RPTPROJ project is not recognized.

Does anyone know why? And please don't say "It doesn't because it is not supported".

If it is not then Why?

Are we to wait for the next  SQL release? Isnt there a plugin to support .rptproj?

Apparently i need to run vs2005 (or 2008) to support the reports while running vs2010 for program development.

Is there already a plugin or patch?

Does vs 2010 (vb.net) support the report viewer object?

Does vs 2010 (vb.net) even support .rdl files?

I am developing against sql server 2005 as this is the clients version.



Jerry Cic








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Answer 1

Hi Jerry,

The rtproj created in Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008 or 2008 R2 currently only works in the Visual Studio 2008 shell. This is a feature that is under consideration for future releases of sql  Server and is being tracked by another work item in our database.

This is by design for Visual Studio 2010. And this issue will be tracked by the SQL Server customer bug, which already exists.

For more information:



Best regards,
Guang-Ming Bian - MSFT
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