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Looking to get rid of "Internet Explorer needs to resend the information"

Looking to get rid of "Internet Explorer needs to resend the information"...

Please help,

I need IE to not post the following message when a user refreshes a page that they got to from an HTML form with method=post:

To display the webpage again, Internet Explorer needs to resend the information you've previously submitted.
If you were making a purchase, you should click Cancel to avoid a duplicate transaction. Otherwise, click Retry to display the webpage again.

I am well aware of the response.redirect, but it is not an option. I need something client side to block this, whether it is a ActiveX control, java script or something. I can not have the "redirect" option, as it will cause much wasted internet communication, require tons of recoding and security-reducing code to be added, but of the most restricting aspect, is that the amount of data I need posted far exceeds what a query string of method=get can handle.

Surely, there must be something, if through an ActiveX control, to reach into IE and kill that message, and even better, have it "think" it never did a method=post before. Preferably such that it causes IE to erase all data it ever posted.


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Answer 1

The client  prefers to get warned if he'she is paying something  twice. Change it and you will have a public relationship nightmare. Do a server side  transfer as you are describing.
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Answer 2

Thanks for the reply. But not every web page  needing to post  more than 2048 bytes of data  are dealing with purchasing. In fact, I would dare say, most web pages needing to post more than 2048 bytes of data are not dealing with purchasing.

I have learned some things. If I use document.write to rewrite the whole page, at the event of body.onload or document.onreadystatechange, the browser message  is killed. Example:

~~~~ Some ASP stuff ~~~~
function OnLoad()
  var csBody = document.body.innerHTML;
  document.style.display = "inline";
  <body onload='OnLoad();' style="display: none;">
    <form method=post action="Redirect-EXP.asp">
      <input type=text name=STATE value="<%=csSTATE%>"><br>
      <input type=submit value="Submit">

The interesting thing about this approach is that it completely kills the IE "resend info", and does not let F5/Refresh bother the server. This is great, not perfect, but along the lines of what I need.

It has these limitations.

1) To truly refresh EVER again, one will have to code  a button as even Control-F5 does not get any response  back to the server.
2) Styles/script, and absolute/relative positioned elements get messed up.

Has anyone pursued this corse of action against the "resend info" dialog?
Any ideas on making  absolute/relative positioning to behave properly again?

I also tried document.location.search = "" but this caused the web page to immediately post, and worse, it posted  with no form  or query  string data.


Answer 3

You can also avoid  a repost by using AJAX. Ask in a server side  programming forum for details.

Answer 4

Yes, I looked into AJAX. But the XMLHttpRequest is the way to go.

Also, the use of iframes works.

The W3C should change FORM elements to have an option  to turn that message  off. If not IE giving an option. It surely  must be well more than 90%++ useage of FORM elements to not need that message.

At any rate, this case is closed.

TY for the help.

Answer 5

I know this sounds odd, but I actually need the internet  explorer, to display  the webpage  again..... box to pop up on a certain page, or every page  for that matter, and it is not.  (for some reason it does on all my other pc's, but on this one (with ie 8 and xp) it does not show up.

I have a macro that needs to click  the ok button, but since its not there it screws up everything.

anyone know how I can get it to appear? 


Answer 6

to get rid  of "Internet Explorer need to resend  the information  you've previously  submitted"

use window.opener.forms[0].submit() instead of window.opener.location.reload(true)


Answer 7

how  will i use this window.opener.forms[0].submit() ?

in what event will i put this code?

kindly post the complete code thanx!



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