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Looking to get rid of "Internet Explorer needs to resend the information"

Looking to get rid of "Internet Explorer needs to resend the information"...

Please help,

I need IE to not post the following message when a user refreshes a page that they got to from an HTML form with method=post:

To display the webpage again, Internet Explorer needs to resend the information you've previously submitted.
If you were making a purchase, you should click Cancel to avoid a duplicate transaction. Otherwise, click Retry to display the webpage again.

I am well aware of the response.redirect, but it is not an option. I need something client side to block this, whether it is a ActiveX control, java script or something. I can not have the "redirect" option, as it will cause much wasted internet communication, require tons of recoding and security-reducing code to be added, but of the most restricting aspect, is that the amount of data I need posted far exceeds what a query string of method=get can handle.

Surely, there must be something, if through an ActiveX control, to reach into IE and kill that message, and even better, have it "think" it never did a method=post before. Preferably such that it causes IE to erase all data it ever posted.


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Answer 1

The client  prefers to get warned if he'she is paying something  twice. Change it and you will have a public relationship nightmare. Do a server side  transfer as you are describing.
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Visual C++ MVP

Answer 2

Thanks for the reply. But not every web page  needing to post  more than 2048 bytes of data  are dealing with purchasing. In fact, I would dare say, most web pages needing to post more than 2048 bytes of data are not dealing with purchasing.

I have learned some things. If I use document.write to rewrite the whole page, at the event of body.onload or document.onreadystatechange, the browser message  is killed. Example:

~~~~ Some ASP stuff ~~~~
function OnLoad()
  var csBody = document.body.innerHTML;
  document.style.display = "inline";
  <body onload='OnLoad();' style="display: none;">
    <form method=post action="Redirect-EXP.asp">
      <input type=text name=STATE value="<%=csSTATE%>"><br>
      <input type=submit value="Submit">

The interesting thing about this approach is that it completely kills the IE "resend info", and does not let F5/Refresh bother the server. This is great, not perfect, but along the lines of what I need.

It has these limitations.

1) To truly refresh EVER again, one will have to code  a button as even Control-F5 does not get any response  back to the server.
2) Styles/script, and absolute/relative positioned elements get messed up.

Has anyone pursued this corse of action against the "resend info" dialog?
Any ideas on making  absolute/relative positioning to behave properly again?

I also tried document.location.search = "" but this caused the web page to immediately post, and worse, it posted  with no form  or query  string data.


Answer 3

You can also avoid  a repost by using AJAX. Ask in a server side  programming forum for details.

Answer 4

Yes, I looked into AJAX. But the XMLHttpRequest is the way to go.

Also, the use of iframes works.

The W3C should change FORM elements to have an option  to turn that message  off. If not IE giving an option. It surely  must be well more than 90%++ useage of FORM elements to not need that message.

At any rate, this case is closed.

TY for the help.

Answer 5

I know this sounds odd, but I actually need the internet  explorer, to display  the webpage  again..... box to pop up on a certain page, or every page  for that matter, and it is not.  (for some reason it does on all my other pc's, but on this one (with ie 8 and xp) it does not show up.

I have a macro that needs to click  the ok button, but since its not there it screws up everything.

anyone know how I can get it to appear? 


Answer 6

to get rid  of "Internet Explorer need to resend  the information  you've previously  submitted"

use window.opener.forms[0].submit() instead of window.opener.location.reload(true)


Answer 7

how  will i use this window.opener.forms[0].submit() ?

in what event will i put this code?

kindly post the complete code thanx!




After forcing the form to save using crmForm.Save() and then reloading the page I get this annoying popup and the user has to click Ok in order to continue. Is there a way to suppress this?


what does T1(1.5) mean in reference to choosing a download type  for example  DSL/cable  etc...I have an airlink card from verizon on my laptop...and i don't know which type to choose so that I can download the internet explorer 8

I am building a Facebook Application (or IFrame Application).


Facebook load my application into the IFrame at runtime when the user wants to use my application.  My application allows end users to view their Facebook videos, upload videos and so on.  The end users videos are stored on the Facebook CDN (Content Delivery Network).



Currently this is working, in Chrome 8.0 and 9.0, Firefox 3 and Safari but not IE 8 or IE 9. I keep getting the error message in my flash media player inside the iframe inside facebook that says:


"We are unable to connect to the content you've requested. We apologize for the inconvenience"


When I examine IE 9 Debugger and look at the network traffic the caputres in there say:


Initiator: Flash

Method: Get

Result: 404

Type: Text/Html


Now when i create a standard html page with the flash player not inside of facebook but on my own server and run it again.  The video plays fine in IE.  So I'm presuming that IE is not liking the fact that my app is inside of the facebook domain that is doing a call out to the facebook cdn or indeed any cdn and is preventing this transfer from happening.


The question obviously is then is how do I go about getting around this problem so that I can offer customers my service on IE ...


I've uploaded several videos to facebook to test against they in turn convert them to MP4.  Here is one that you can see for yourself.




There is a crossdomain.xml policy file at the root:




So there are no problems with permissions.  What else could be the problem here as to why IE refuses to load the cdn videos from within my application that is inside the facebook domain?

Or better yet how do I fix this problem, or is this a bug in IE????







for one of our projects we have the requirement to display information of users from the Microsoft Communicator. The customer's company has
an own Office Communicator infrastructure but unfortunately CWA is not enabled so webservices cannot be used. We also do not have access to the server infrastructure so I think UCMA will also not be an option.

We specifically need the content of the "note" field, displayed on top of the Communicator window where e.g. the out of office message is stored. Actually we only need to fetch the OOF of users and display them in the browser (It's a Java web-application).

One way could be to use the local installation of the Communicator on the client's pc to communicate with the Communicator server. I have
found a way to display the online status of users by specifying their email address:

But unfortunately the "note" field is not displayed.

Any help would be appreciated!

Andreas Kappler
my internet explorer will not load web page it comes up with box stating :-   Runtme error!       Program C:|  program files | internet explorer| 

                                                                                                                                IEXPLORE.EXE           Abnormal program termination

Also when i go to internet options it wont open....
Computer is xp   ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,    im not very good with computers so any help would be great thanks......

I know it's a known issue and there are few reasons for it; (here are some:






Just wanted to note, that there is something that seems to me as bug in IE DOM implementation that can cause it as well. In my application I have following code on the client side:

while (body && body.hasChildNodes()) {

var node = body.firstChild;

// ... app logic



while body content is created by Response.Write on the server side (I write down context in <p>...</p> paragraphs sections ).

Occasionally I was getting "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site - Operation aborted" in IE. In Firefox it was never happen.

After some research I found that it was related to the fact that on the server side I was writing:

1) '<p>'

2) content

3) '</p>

so - sometimes on the client side the code was running while paragraph wasn't fully formed (e.g. only <p> was written).

In this case body.hasChildNodes() still returns true (bug #1) and body.removeChild(node) will cause "operation aborted" (bug #2).

Hope it may help someone.

Alex Pinsker


I cannot access any Microsoft product from my computer. cannot run  regedit, network center is locked up print spooler is missing service control manager missing. cannot install or uninstall any program. and various other problem however computer (one user) can be connected to the internet through Firefox only wireless network (network connection invisible) please help. trying for four days now.

I have two computers, and on one of them I am unable to open Internet Explorer because I keep getting a dialog box that says "Internet Explorer Security - a website wants to open web content using this program on your computer.  This program will open outside of Protected mode.  Internet Explorer's Protected mode helps protect your computer.  If you do not trust this website, do not open this program.

  Name:  dw20.exe

  Publisher:  Microsoft Corporation"

The details say it has to do with ...rosoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\dw20.exe

Each time I click on Allow or Don't allow, IE closes and I can't use it.  It doesn't seem to matter which option I choose....it still closes.  What is causing this and how do I fix it?  It's very frustrating.  I need to be able to get into IE on this particular computer.



XP Professional SP2 and 3 boxes running internet explorer 6 or 7. The same issues exists in all versions. All boxes have 3rd party network providers, namely Hummingbird NFS.

The issue:
When a user is in internet explorer and tries to browse to a file sever location, it uses the 3rd party provider. When the user tries to browse to the same location using windows explorer, it uses Microsoft Windows Network provider.

Asside from changing the provider order, is there a way to force internet explorer to use a specific provider? This is important our situation because we heavily use web-based file sharing. This of course doesn't work well when a user tries to access a shared file with a 3rd party provider that our file servers aren't setup to use. I don't want to change the provider order because it breaks other terminal applications that require the provider to be listed first.


I have become confused by the lack of mapping between the registered versions of shell.explorer that are available, and the installed version of internet explorer.

So, two questions:

1. What is the difference between shell.explorer.1 and shell.explorer.2 ? Is it just an difference in the offered interfaces, but with the same actual rendering technology?

2. Given that there are only 2 shell.explorer versions, how would I try an instantiate - or at least verify the capabilities of - a particular version of the Internet Explorer renderer control? i.e. I would want to be able to instantiate a control that renders compatible with pages developed for IE6 - or verify the version of the control is the IE9 renderer?



Windows 7 32bit

Sharepoint 3.0

Internet Explorer 8


I'm currently troubleshooting an issue with a user who is attempting to access his document library in Explorer view. When this action is attempted the error: Internet Explorer cannot display the web page.


When attempting to replicate, opened the users Sharepoint site, as the user, in IE8, navigated to the document library, clicked action > Open with Windows Explorer. Nothing happens. No error received and the documents do not open.

Any ideas.


i just want to go back to my explorer 7.. tell me how..please!


i just want to go back to my explorer 7.. tell me how..please!


I provide SSRS 2008 reports to my client using Windows Authentication on a remotely hosted server.  They recently upgraded everyone to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8, and now the performance is so bad they can't use these reports. It takes close to a minute for a report to load. Subsequent report loads are somewhat faster but still painfully slow.

When I roll back IE 8 to IE 7 on their test machine, the performance is fine, but the client's IS manager will not roll back everyone to IE 7; nor will he install Chrome or Firefox.  I upgraded the server from SSRS 2008 to SSRS 2008 R2, but that did not help.  I've changed all of the IE 8 options I can think of, without any luck.  I will surely loose this client if I can't resolve this issue, so any help would be appreciated.

I have a webpage with nested ActiveX control. When I use zoom in/out in Internet Explorer browser design zooms correct, but ActiveX control stays the same size. How I can zoom in/out ActiveX Control corresponding to webpage zoom?
I too am having difficulty in registering in that it uses Internet Explorer, and is incredibly slow to load, the little blue progress bar just stops growing, even after half an hour waiting, so I give up. Can I use Firefox?

73, harry

I am having a vary strange problem. I am trying to install TFS RC and in the initial checks it stops with the following message


The System Health Check has detected a problem that will cause Setup to fail.

Internet Information Services (IIS) Front Page Server Extensions are installed

Workaround / Remedy
Internet Information Services (IIS) Front Page Extensions must not be installed. Uninstall (IIS) Front Page Extensions and run setup again.

More information
For additional information and help please refer to: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=52502

There used to be Front Page Server Extensions on the box but I removed them.
Any idea what's going on?




If I set the uiMode to full and the FullScreen to true. I can verify that the loop is being set correctly, because the repeat icon on the WMP screen turns on if loop is set to true or turns off if loop is set to false.

So, I know that the WMP is getting the loop setting correctly. 

However, I get the following behavior:

1)loop is set to false
2)the last item in the playlist finishes
3)the WMP playstate returns "Ready"
4)the WMP turns the FullScreen mode OFF 
5)the WMP starts playing from the beginning of the list

effectively ignoring the fact that the loop is set to false.

Any ideas what might be happening here? or how to solve it?



I have built a simulation program that utilizes Windows Speech API and uses a browser plugin to run it in Internet Explorer.  The program runs fine using Internet Explorer on Windows XP and Vista but it will not run the speech portion of the program using Internet Explorer and Windows 7.  I have checked numerous security settings and tried all of the compatibility settings for the executable.  The program runs the speech api fine as a standalone program in Windows 7 so I'm almost positive that the problem lies in the security settings of Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8.  Can anyone shed some light on what may be the issue?



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